A study in 2018 found that 55% of New Years resolutions were health-related. Another study found that 80% of people fail to keep their resolutions. But we’re here to help you be one of the 20% that succeed! If you vowed to work out more this year, we think there’s one key to success: finding a workout that works for you. If it’s boring or doesn’t fit with your lifestyle…let’s be honest, you’re not going to do it. We’re right there with you! Which is why we’ve rounded up 12 of the coolest, most fun, unique workouts in Pittsburgh. We bet there’s at least one on this list that can keep you motivated – or rotate through a few to stay interested!

SHAPE Training

unique pittsburgh workouts shape training
Image via: @shapetraining412, Facebook

SHAPE Training is a “training club”, which means you’ll always get personal attention. They combine the most effective and fun training tools to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout. Things like suspension training, boxing, athletic training, and one-on-one personal performance sessions. Because, let’s face it, we don’t have time to train all day.

Fitness with a Twist

unique pittsburgh workouts fitness with a twist
Image via: @fitnesswithatwistpgh, Instagram

Think out of the box and on the pole with Fitness with a Twist! Yep, it’s Pittsburgh’s female-only pole dance and fitness studio. They have classes for every skill level, and they also offer party packages. Our muscles are sore just scrolling through their pics. Keep an eye on their calendar for new classes to open up.

Stout Training

unique pittsburgh workouts stout
Image via: @stoutpgh, Instagram

Looking for an intense workout? Stout Training has you covered with Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai and boxing, MMA, and strength training classes. They even have classes for kids as young as 4…and offer adult classes during the kids classes. Meaning if you have kids, you can workout while your kids are in class, so there’s no excuse to skip a workout.


unique pittsburgh workouts orangetheory
Image via: @otfwexford, Instagram

If you’re nervous about trying a new program, check out Orangetheory. They walk you through every step of what you’ll do both before and during your workout and give you an idea of what to aim for. Plus they’re pretty high tech in the coolest way possible: you can track your performance on their app and even share your results to social media.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

unique pittsburgh workouts pittsburgh ballet theatre
Image via: @pittsburghballettheatre, Instagram

Did you know Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre offers fitness classes? Ease back into ballet or start from scratch, or maybe fulfill that dream of dancing in point shoes as an adult. And check out their other classes which range from barre to pilates, hip hop to jazz. Excuse us while we live our ballet dreams…


unique pittsburgh workouts solidcore
Image via: @solidcore, Instagram

[solidcore] workouts are 50 minutes of slow and controlled resistance training, which break down your slow-twitch muscle fibers, because science shows that’s the most effective way to create long lean muscle tone. What exactly does that mean? We borrowed it from their website, so we can’t give you a firm answer. But it seems like a workout done with a machine they call [sweatlana] and we’re intrigued – so are you in?

Millennium Dance Complex

unique pittsburgh workouts millennium dance complex
Image via: @millenniumpgh, Instagram

Looking for more dance options? Check out Millennium Dance Complex! They have classes like ballet, contemporary jazz, femme funk, hip hop, and even burlesque. They also offer yoga, power sculpting, and stretching and conditioning, plus some of their dance classes have more advanced levels. Who’s ready to learn to dance with us?

Pittsburgh Circus Center

unique pittsburgh workouts pittsburgh circus center
Image via: @pittsburghcircuscenter, Instagram

So you know when you saw Cirque du Soleil on a class trip in high school and decided you wanted to run away and join the circus? (Just us?) Well Pittsburgh Circus Center (formerly Pittsburgh Aerial Silks) has a legit circus class! They also offer aerial silks, aerial yoga, and even a pole fitness class. Oh, and check the calendar for trapeze workshops, too. We’re totally excited and a little bit chicken!

Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance

unique pittsburgh workouts pittsburgh kettlebell and performance
Image via: @pkp412kettlebell, Instagram

Looking for a fun workout where you use equipment like Russian kettlebells, battle ropes, sand bags, sledgehammers, tires, and push and pull sleds? Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance is where it’s at! Their classes are designed so you’ll get an amazing workout no matter what your fitness level is. We feel stronger just reading about it 😉


unique pittsburgh workouts fit4mom
Image via: @fit4momnorthhills, Instagram

Are you a new (or not so new) mom looking to work out, but don’t feel like paying extra for childcare? FIT4MOM classes incorporate a stroller into their workouts – meaning you’re basically required to bring your kiddo. They even offer activities for the kids after some of their workouts! They have a few different locations around the city, so check their site to find the one closest to you.

Town Place Fitness (downtown)

unique pittsburgh workouts town place fitness
Image via: @townplacefitness, Instagram

Okay, so Town Place Fitness is more like a regular gym than the other places we’ve mentioned, but it could be the perfect location if you work downtown. Just hit the gym during your lunch, or maybe before or after work, and you have zero excuse to skip a workout.

Biceps and Brunch

And, you know we couldn’t let you go without mentioning our Biceps and Brunch series! (Check out our past B&B events here, here, and here.) Seriously, what’s better than working out before having some brunch? Keep an eye on out for more details, but mark it down for January 19 with SHAPE Training, February 23 with Maggie Black Yoga N’at, and March 29 with Linda Mausome BOUNCE (a zumba/hiphop mix).

We know things like yoga, pilates, spin, and cross fit work for a lot of people…and there are basically millions of local studios that offer these workouts. So we couldn’t name them all! But, leave us a comment with your faves so we can check them all out 😉

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  1. Fittsburgh Project should be mentioned here! A free fitness community that meets every Wednesday at the stairs in front of Heinz Field. We run lots of stairs and throw bodyweight exercises in for fun. The group takes its inspiration from the global November Project free fitness movement: building a fitness community where everyone feels welcome and no one ever has to pay. People of all fitness levels/ages are always welcome!

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