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That’s the whole idea behind Biceps and Brunch, a three-part event we’re hosting at Federal Galley. Because the only thing better than a good workout is a good workout followed by a delicious brunch! (That is the whole point of working out…right? Asking for a friend.)

We kicked off the series this past weekend with a yoga flow with Maggie Black of Yoga N’At. We stretched and breathed and basically became experts in crow pose (read: watched the people who could actually do crow in awe and vowed to practice until we can do it, too). It was a gorgeous morning, and we were thrilled to make friends with everyone who braved the humidity and sun!

We obviously followed yoga with brunch, because you can’t call something Biceps and Brunch and not brunch. If you haven’t been to brunch at Federal Galley yet…well, you’d better mark the next couple events down on your calendar. It was hard to pick which restaurant to order from, but we feel better knowing we have two more chances to sample everything. And there are seriously no wrong choices, everything is so tasty there!

biceps and brunch pimento avocado toast
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The next Biceps and Brunch is Sunday, September 1 at 9am. We’ll be doing a barre workout this time, thanks to The Bar Method. And on Sunday, September 15 at 9am, you can join us for a boxing workout with SHAPE Training. There are just a few important details you need to know:

  • Both events are free! Just make sure you sign up here.
  • Registration starts at 8:30, “biceps” start at 9, and brunch starts at 10.
  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen…we’re working out in the area outside of Federal Galley to enjoy every last bit of summer.
  • We’re buying the first round of cocktails for brunch to celebrate surviving the workout.
  • Oh, and did we mention you have the chance to win some awesome Made in PGH gear, just by showing up?
biceps and brunch Federal Galley
via Lauren Roberts

So, who’s in??

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