As a member of the North Hills, the name Sara Innamorato might not be recognizable to some, but if you are an avid political observer, then you are surely understanding that she is a rising star within the Democratic Party within Allegheny County.

Sara Innamorato
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Serving as a Member of the House of Representatives for PA District 21 since 2018 (with winning over 64% of the vote to five-term incumbent Dom Costa), Sara has become an advocate for many specific causes, many relating to her own personal life and struggles she had to endure as a child.  

Innamorato has based much of her campaign around the basis of human rights and helping those in need; in particular, with the addiction and the later death of her father due to opioids.

From this moment on, Sara’s life had been transformed into a fight-or-flight scenario.  She was accepted into The University of Pittsburgh, where she worked not only one, but nearly three jobs ranging from cleaning locker rooms to nannying children to working shifts for local restaurants – oh, and lets not forget she had an unpaid internship.

Graduating right in the height of the economic recession of 2008, Sara graduated from Pitt with Magna Cum Laude with a business degree.

After the death of her father from opioid addiction, Sara knew what her mission in life was and she wanted to take action immediately.  After working in a leadership role for an international tech company, Sara started to work for local non-profits, local community groups that would help to stimulate job creation and community development.

And she hasn’t stopped there – Sara created She Runs SWPA, which aims to empower women to run for local office within the Western Pennsylvania region.

A feverish supporter of many human rights causes, Sara’s policies that she cares most deeply about range from healthcare for all, economic diversity, environmental justice, women’s rights, housing for all, and a bold new education plan ranging from pre-K through college.

And this is all within her first year of office.  Sara is hoping to transform her district here within the Western Pennsylvania and hope that these changes will not only benefit the greater good, but help to build a substantial foundation for future generations to come – all while empowering younger women to run for office and to to take charge of their destiny.

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