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Elevate your brand’s presence and connect with Pittsburgh’s thriving community by partnering with Made in PGH. Whether you’re a local business, a national brand looking to tap into Pittsburgh’s market, or an entrepreneur with a unique offering, we have the resources and reach to help you stand out in a creative way.

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Some of our favorite campaigns + partners

Party at the Pier


“Made in PGH was an instrumental promotional partner for our work with our longtime friends and clients @Riverlife to promote their annual fundraiser, Party at the Pier. The team at Made in PGH enthusiastically embraced the theme with a unique style and perspective, and helped expand the message in a genuine way that truly aligned with the vision and mission of the event. This partnership helped Riverlife sell out the event and the Made in PGH team went above and beyond, in addition to executing the materials flawlessly.”

Eileen French, Revive Marketing Group

Mike's Front Porch

Luke & Mike’s Frontporch Grille

“Our Made in PGH experience has been amazing. We love working with Channing for photos and clips of our outdoor restaurant. Her attention to detail and eye for a great picture makes her an important part of the team. Our Instagram followers doubled for us in two months and they just keep coming!”

Sheri Rice, Owner, Luke & Mike’s Frontporch