When it comes to bars, Pittsburgh has more than its fair share of them.  From themed, dive, upscale, to quirky – the city has a truly fascinating assortment to choose from.  Yet, if you are looking for something different to during the doldrum months of winter, then a visit to Bob’s Garage in Blawnox will be in order.

Bob's Garage Blawnox
Photo Credit: Bob’s Garage

Located just off 28 (east of the city), Bob’s Garage is not one to be missed on the drive by (no, literally). The entire facade of the building, as well as the interior, is covered head-to-toe in party decorations, random objects, offering an explosion of color that one might say could rival Randyland or even Bar 11 in South Side.

If ambiance is big for you, Bob’s Garage revolves their decor with the seasons, but it’s during the holidays when the bar truly becomes alive.  Guests should expect a total sensory experience for the eyes, even after the holiday season comes to an end.

Owner Bob Paganico initially started this craze in the 1970s and 1980s when he started buying decorations for the bar, to fill the blank space that had thus occupied the walls.  This year, there are over an estimated 10,000 lights shining bright at the bar.

When visiting Bob’s Garage, guests can expect to see the usual beer and wine listings, along with a standard food and menu listing, with prices starting around $6.

However, guests can truly expect this space to come alive at night when karaoke takes over and the bar patrons arrive (anywhere from 160 plus patrons at any given time).

If you are dying to catch a glimpse of this Pittsburgh treasure, don’t worry – holiday decorations are slated to be up through the end of February, so no need to fear; if holiday crowds are not your forte, then be sure to head to Bob’s Garage as the New Year begins for the festivities to continue.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Aaron Valentic

Aaron is a recent transplant back to Pittsburgh, PA after living in New York for five years. From all things relating to art, culture, fashion along with the Pittsburgh social scene, he surely knows the heartbeat of his hometown.

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