We are here to tell you about a special collaboration recently announced in Pittsburgh: the Commonplace Coffee Survivor Blend in collaboration with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR). The Survivor Blend is a limited release that will be available over the next year in support of PAAR. This benefit coffee blend joined the list of Commonplace Coffee grounds on July 4, and it’s already making an impact.

About PAAR

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) was the first victim service agency in Allegheny County. It was also one of the first rape crisis centers in the nation. The agency was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 1972. They’ve been providing essential no-cost services to victims of sexual violence in Allegheny County for 50 years!

As of today, PAAR is the only agency in Allegheny County solely devoted to the issue of sexual violence. PAAR provides comprehensive services to victims of sexual violence and their families. They serve children and adults of all gender identities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Cory Hart, Director of Development & Marketing at PAAR, said the following regarding increasing reach with the expansion of PAAR’s services:

“The evolution of our services over the past 50 years has been extensive, as PAAR has been able to increase the capacity and needs of clients we serve as the only organization in Allegheny County solely devoted to the issue of sexual violence.”

He adds, “We are working to more efficiently identify the best support needed for survivors, and offer them more broad services while they travel that path of healing. We are increasing our case management and supportive counseling services, as we know that unless specific other needs are met first, they will be unable to fully address their trauma. We are expanding our reach through education and prevention in our communities, as prevention is truly the best way to fully recognize our mission of ending sexual violence.”

Commonplace Coffee Survivor Blend + PAAR

By purchasing the Survivor Blend, you are supporting both Commonplace Coffee and PAAR. Whether you purchase via retail or wholesale, proceeds are donated to PAAR. All Commonplace Coffee locations, including their brand new SouthSide Works location, have 12oz bags available for $18.25.

If you are not local to Pittsburgh or Indiana (where their locations are), you can still support them by purchasing a bag of Survivor Blend online!

Cory Hart said the following regarding this unique collaboration between Commonplace Coffee and PAAR:

“Spreading awareness is critical for us to be able to reach those who may need our services. Our services are always provided at no-cost to clients, so it takes the support of so many to make sure that will always remain the case. This partnership opens up the door to other restaurants, cafés, and retailers who would like to support our mission by offering this PAAR Blend and further spreading the awareness of who we are and the support we provide.”

Hopefully, this will be only the beginning of collaborations like this! Nothing says community quite like a collaboration of local business owners and non-profits. Since 2003, Commonplace Coffee has been a Pittsburgh staple. With seven community-based cafes in Western PA, they are the definition of a local business. Through this collaboration, two businesses that have been around for decades are bringing new awareness to an important topic.

The Survivor Blend will be available now through June 2024, but don’t wait! Get out there to support this incredible collaboration, or simply place an order online. To learn more about PAAR and its services, visit their website!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Francesca Ferrante

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