Golden Farms, an organic, veteran-owned, family-run farm nestled among the sprawling landscape of Portage, PA (just outside of Johnstown), is home to beautiful sunflowers and a hemp operation that’s transforming wellness as we know it – by cultivating wellness and well-being through their locally-grown CBD products.

To veterans Vince Golden, Andy Golden, and Matt Sinoksy, the legacy of Golden Farms is more than a slice of picturesque farmland. It’s a testament to innovation, community, and the pioneering spirit of Western Pennsylvania.

Following the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, which made industrial hemp and its byproducts legal nationally, the trio of veterans were driven by personal experiences and the transformative power of CBD on the lives of those around them. They decided to sow their entrepreneurial seeds into the fertile soil of the Golden’s organic family farm by launching Innovative Extracts.

Innovative Extracts is the first CBD extraction and post-processing lab in the area. They’re leading the way with their commitment to both innovation and a holistic approach. Vince, Andy, and Matt are involved every step of the way from a tiny seed to the store shelf – ensuring every product is the best it can be. And they’re not just growing hemp. They’re cultivating hope and wellness, offering affordable, locally-made CBD products like muscle cream and sleep gummies with melatonin.

But it’s not just about hemp and sunflowers at Golden Farms; the farm is also a stage for community gatherings. Throughout the year, Golden Farms hosts an array of events, like the Annual Flower Fest. Their events foster a sense of unity among the residents of Portage.

“Golden Farms has been rooted in the community since 1978 when my father Vince established it”, said Andy Golden, Chief Operations Officer of Innovative Extracts. “Flower Fest highlights our involvement the most because in order to have a booth you must be a locally-owned business and create your own products. The event helps to showcase some of the best of what this community has to offer.”

So, next time you’re in Portage, stop by Golden Farms and say hello to Vince, Andy, and Matt. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for local innovation, a sunflower in your hand, and perhaps, a CBD product that could be a game changer for your well-being.

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