Judging by how 2020 went, we’re guessing a lot of you haven’t heard of the New Year’s pretzel tradition. #jokingnotjoking but it’s a simple German tradition where you eat a pretzel, usually made of sweet dough, on New Year’s Day to bring good luck to the year. We think 2021 could use all the help it can get, so here are a few different approaches you can take for this tradition.

Support a local bakery!

new year's pretzel
Image via: @priory_fine_pastries, Instagram

Because you know we never pass up an excuse to visit one of our favorite bakeries! Not all bakeries make New Year’s pretzels, and sometimes you have to order pretzels in advance. Some bakeries also give you options, like fillings, icings, and toppings. Check their websites or call before you head in to confirm they’ll have one for you! Do you have a favorite bakery for your New Year’s pretzel fix that isn’t on our list? Tell us in the comments so we can try it!

Go the savory route!

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

In our opinion, any pretzel on New Year’s day counts for good luck – it doesn’t have to be a sweet one. So get some takeout from your favorite restaurant, and make sure you get a pretzel appetizer. Not sure where to start? Read back through our article with Pittsburgh’s pretzel expert, Twistburgh, for all of her recommendations.

Make your own!

new year's pretzel
Image via: gingerbreadgirlbakes.com

Enjoying more time in the kitchen lately? Try making your own! Lauren has a simple New Year’s pretzel recipe – that’s also easy to make vegan – for a fool-proof pretzel. Yes, you’ll have to work with yeast, but if her toddler can help her make it, we have full confidence you can make one, too. Make sure you use your favorite maple syrup and locally roasted coffee in the glaze!

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Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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