Pretzels deserve to be in their own food group. Think about it – you can have soft pretzels, hard pretzels, pretzel twists, pretzel sticks, pretzel pieces coated in whatever flavorings you can dream up. Pretzels can be ground up and used as a breading for other foods. You can stuff them or include them in desserts. Coat them in chocolate, and we’ll eat a million of them, thankyouverymuch. Since April is national soft pretzel month, we obviously wanted to share all things pretzel with you…but we’re not pretzel experts. Luckily, we know someone who is – our friend Kerry, creator of the official Pittsburgh pretzel Instagram account!

We sat down with Kerry to get the scoop on where to find pretzels in and around the city. And let us tell you, this lady knows her pretzels! We aren’t just talking about your traditional soft pretzels, either. She told us about some gems like a beer battered pretzel crusted cod sandwich and caramel pretzel scones. Here’s a napkin to wipe your drool while you keep reading and decide where to go first 😉

Kerry’s Top 4

1. Reclamation Brewing Company (Butler)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Ok, so it’s not *in* the city, but Kerry swears it’s worth the trip. Not only does Reclamation have a giant pretzel, they also have a pretzel dessert and a strawberry pretzel beer that they’re currently selling in cans. We’ll organize the carpool.

2. North Park Lounge (various locations)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

If you can tear yourself away from the lounge fries, do yourself a favor and order one of the North Park Lounge’s pretzels. Get it stuffed with cheese and topped with your choice of toppings, or go all-in for the NPL gigantic pretzel.

3. Axels Pretzels (Highland Park)

You can also find Axel Pretzels in some restaurants and bars around the city, like Roundabout Brewery, Wigle Whiskey, and Kelly’s.

4. Industry Public House (Lawrenceville)

If you’ve ever felt the need to order an industrial-sized soft pretzel, Industry has one waiting for you! And you can order it with beer mustard, beer cheese, or cinnamon icing so…who’s up for trying it all three ways?

Standard Pretzels

The Pretzel Shop (Southside)

The Pretzel Shop is an obvious requirement for a list about pretzels in Pittsburgh. They’ve been open since 1927 and still bake their pretzels in the original brick oven from 1872!

The Two Fraus Bakery (Harmony)

While they only make pretzels on Saturdays, Two Fraus Bakery is serving up 4 or 5 different varieties! They also make a pretzel baguette, and we think it would make a mean sandwich.

Lorelei (East Liberty)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Any pretzel that comes with a kielbasa-kraut cheese spread is a must-try in our book.

Hop Farm (Lawrenceville)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Hop Farm doesn’t always have their pretzels on the menu, but you can console yourself with the nachos or a burger if needed…you won’t be disappointed.

The Biergarten (Downtown)

pittsburgh pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

The Bier Garten is an especially good choice for a pretzel and a cocktail on nice days, when you can enjoy their outdoor space.

Full Pint Brewery / Wild Side Pub (Lawrenceville)

Don’t skip over the ‘Mt. Larryville’ on the menu – it’s a pretzel volcano. Overflowing with beer cheese. Hello!

Snakeguy’s Pepper (various locations)

Snakeguy’s Pepper sells flavored mini pretzels at various heat-levels. Find them in stores around the city or at some vendor/craft shows.

Siempre Algo (North Side)

We’re interested in how chicken liver pâté tastes with homemade Bavarian-style sourdough pretzels. Should we count you in for our reservation?

Sweet Pretzels

Lincoln Bakery (Bellevue)

Lincoln Bakery is frying up donuts shaped like pretzels! So they’re really just donuts, but they’re shaped like a pretzel and totally delicious, and if Kerry says they count, then they count.

Chateau Café & Cakery (North Side)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Oh, you’ve never thought about baking a caramel pretzel scone? Well, you don’t have to, because Chateau Café & Cakery beat you to it! Sometimes they have other flavors, but Kerry swears by the caramel pretzel one.

Home (Strip District)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

You’ve probably heard about the dessert jars at Home, but did you know they sometimes make a strawberry pretzel salad dessert jar? Check their social media to see their current selection.

Sarris Candies (Canonsburg)

Let’s be real, sometimes nothing beats a chocolate covered pretzel from Sarris.

Good L’Oven (Bellevue, Ross Township)

Another one that you’ll have to check on, but sometimes Good L’Oven makes cookies with pretzels. Feel free to console yourself with a chocolate chip or sugar cookie if they happen to be out.

Churn Homemade Ice Cream (Cranberry, Gibsonia)

Kerry says Churn has the best ice cream, and we believe her! Their flavors change daily, but they also have a caramel pretzel milkshake on the regular menu.

NatuRoll Creamery (Lawrenceville)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

If rolled ice cream is more your style, check out NatuRoll. You can add whatever your want to your ice cream creation, including pretzels.

Frio Creamery (Lawrenceville)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Another ice cream option for you! Frio Creamery, also in Lawrenceville, is serving up salted caramel pretzel milkshakes and sundaes with pretzels, using Penn State Creamery ice cream.

Pretzel Crazy (online)

Chocolate covered pretzels with candy corn? Chocolate covered pretzels with pumpkin? Or how about chocolate covered pretzels that look like a bride and groom? Pretzel Crazy makes them all, plus a ton more.

Miscellaneous Pretzels

Beaver Bagel Company (Beaver)

Um, hello, pretzel bagels. We’ve been dreaming of you…

Penn Brewery (North Side)

Pittsburgh Pretzel
Image via @twistburgh

Kerry recommends skipping the regular pretzel on the Penn Brewery menu in favor of the beer battered pretzel crusted cod sandwich. You can get a regular pretzel anywhere, but where else can you get a sandwich like that???

Burgatory (various locations)

Pretzels in a milkshake? Yes, please! Burgatory always has a caramel pretzel milkshake on the menu, and sometimes you can find a strawberry pretzel salad milkshake on there, too – especially near some holidays.

Prohibition Pastries (Point Breeze)

Is there anything more classic than a pretzel roll? We’ll take a dozen.

Can’t get enough pretzels (and loving all of these pics from Kerry’s Insta)? Don’t forget to follow Kerry on Instagram, or check out her Yelp…because a girl can’t live on pretzels alone.

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Lauren Roberts

Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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