It’s no surprise that Pittsburgh bleeds black & gold and Heinz ketchup, but beneath the surface of our celebrity condiment lay small batches and other lick-able line-ups of saucy condiments that you’ll need stocked on your fridge door in 2021. Here are the mover and sauce shakers of spicy, sweet, and tangy deliciousness:

1. Miller’s Banana Pepper Mustard (Gibsonia)

pittsburgh sauces miller's mustard
Image via: Miller’s Mustard, Facebook

Miller’s Mustard prides itself on its award-winning banana pepper mustard that packs a bold, rich balance of flavor between tangy sweetness and spiciness that pairs conveniently with any charcuterie board or food item, really. Burgers, pretzels, fish, or fowl, it thrives on its spirited and versatile profile to fit anyone’s pepper preference. Miller’s Mustard comes in three different kinds of spice levels: mild, hot, and habanero. Plus, all three kinds are fat-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO verified.

2. Stello Foods (Punxsutawney)

pittsburgh sauces stello foods
Image via: Stello Foods, Facebook

Stello Foods is the ultimate champion when it comes to naming its condiments in this family-owned business. Stock up on its savory and robust Rosie’s Bacon Ketchup, Rosie’s Green Tomato Relish, or Rosie’s Steak Sauce to add any flavor and flair to your home-cooked meal. Stello Foods also carries other notable names like Jim’s Famous Hot Dog Sauce, Old Daley Steak Sauce, as well as Pape’s Lemon Dill Tartar Sauce. Don’t forget the 3 Taxi Guys Sauces, like its Tijuana Taxi BBQ Sauce or Budda Bing Wing Sauce. Check out its full product selection online for additional grille sauces, marinades, and hot sauces. You can thank Rosie and Stello Foods for your next sauced-up BBQ soiree (post-pandemic, of course).

3. Fathom Sauce Company (Canonsburg)

pittsburgh sauces fathom sauce company
Image via: Fathom Sauce Company, Facebook

Handmade in small batches, Fathom Sauce Company makes flavor sauces that spice things up for everyday use. The company’s Pub Sauce takes the crown in its product line, but its Pubpaya sauce packs a punch of heat as a habanero sauce infused with papaya, pineapple, and spices. (Grill it with pineapple, trust me.) As things look up in 2021, expect two more additions to be welcomed to the Fathom Sauce Company. Coming in March, its Jagoff Jerk will encompass a spicy, smokey chipotle, and ghost chili combined with a Jamaican jerk flavor. In April, get your taste buds ready for the Color of Honey. It will make its debut as a green jalapeño sriracha that starts sweet, has a middle profile that’s vinegary and brown sugary, and ends with some garlicky heat. Order these small batches before they run out by visiting the Fathom Sauce Company online store.

4. Uncle Jammy’s Sauce (Pittsburgh)

pittsburgh sauces uncle jammy's
Image via: Uncle Jammy’s, Facebook

For the wing and BBQ lovers, Uncle Jammy’s is asking you to team up and try its signature flavors. Rally behind its BBQ sauce, wing sauce, and marinades for a win/win/win all around. Savor Area 51 that encompasses an out-of-this-world taste of avocado-jalapeño sauce made with gold tequila, lime juice, mustard seed, and spices. Other bottled must-haves include the brand’s Funkalicious, Hooray for IPA, Your Arrogance Amuses Me!, and other sauces that you can find in Uncle Jammy’s online store. Uncle Jammy’s even has its very own Black N Gold Pack that includes its Vanta B. Startin Somethin, Hello Golden BBQ,  and Gold Dust. Did we mention the brand has a public Facebook group, Uncle Jammy’s Workshop? Share recipes, ideas, and requests with Uncle Jammy himself while talking to other fans that love bold flavors, too.

5. Allegheny City Farms (Verona)

pittsburgh sauces allegheny city farms
Image via: Allegheny City Farms, Facebook

Grab some extra napkins, because things are about to get deliciously messy with Allegheny City Farms as it carries all of your condiment needs from hot sauce, rubs, mustards, and BBQ sauce. Its overwhelming selection of hot sauces will have you daydreaming for days, but it carries a Flavor Bomb Series in case the decision-making takes too long. Additionally, its taco sauce will be your best amigo on Taco Tuesday, and its one-of-a-kind 982 BBQ Sauce compliments two styles of BBQ from Kansas City, Missouri to Lexington, North Carolina. Hence, the 982 miles between the two places to harness the flavor profile and name of the sauce. You won’t have to travel too far, because you can find their products online or find them at other stores around the city.

6. Maestros’ Sauce Co. (McMurray)

pittsburgh sauces maestros' sauce
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Maestros’ Sauce Co. is a picante go-to for bundle deals on hot sauces and has every level of hotness from its mildest heat level to its hottest heat level. Bundles include its Best Sellers, The Full Sampler, Mild, and Hot bundles for those that want to give the gift of heat for any hot sauce lover. Unique shop selections include its Curry Fury, Hot Chocolate, Roasted Ghosted Garlic, The Moruga Triangle, and more. It’s collection of core sauces, reserve sauces, and bundles can be found by visiting the Maestros’ Sauce Co. store online. 

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