If you love sourdough but didn’t jump on the create-your-own-starter craze last year, don’t worry. There are still plenty of places around Pittsburgh who can satisfy your sourdough craving – even if you’re looking for something besides bread. And if you’ve never branched out beyond sourdough bread…well, it’s time.

We all know about the great bakeries for sourdough bread: Allegro Hearth Bakery, Five Points Artisan Bakeshop, Mediterra Bakehouse, Madeleine Bakery and Bistro, and Driftwood Oven. But we’re betting you might not have heard about some of these other spots!

Driftwood Oven

pittsburgh sourdough driftwood oven
Image via: @driftwoodoven, Instagram

It’s not a typo, we know we just mentioned them. But did you know Driftwood is baking up more than just sourdough bread and pizza on the weekends? Like, have you ever had a sourdough croissant? Place your order during the week to pick up on the weekend.

Crust Worthy

pittsburgh sourdough crust worthy
Image via: @crustworthy.pgh, Instagram

Crust Worthy is a small bakery committed to using sourdough to promote sustainable baking within our regional food system. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t get any more local than wild yeast! Their market menus change weekly (and it’s so much more than *just* breads!), and we love that they have so many allergen-friendly options – vegan (dairy and egg-free), peanut-free, and nut-free. They’re using as many local, seasonal, and organic ingredients as they can, even preserving ingredients to use them during the off-season. Check their website for where to find them and to place an order (note: they’re currently taking a break after the holidays to do some maintenance, but you can get on their mailing list to find out when ordering opens back up.)

Pane e Pronto

pittsburgh sourdough pane e pronto
Image via: @paneepronto, Instagram

Is there anything the DiAnoia’s family can’t do? First it’s amazing Italian, then pizza, and now a takeout/catering kitchen. We’re obsessed with anything they make, including their sourdough breads at Pane e Pronto. Seriously, who thinks to make a Cacio e Pepe sourdough loaf?? We’ll take one of everything, please.


pittsburgh sourdough breadworks
Image via: @breadworkspgh, Instagram

When we think of Breadworks, we think about all the restaurants that use their breads. But we’re here to remind you that you can actually go to Breadworks yourself to buy your own bread! They have both rustic and loaf sourdoughs, and they even have a mini sourdough loaf.

Novel Breads Co.

pittsburgh sourdough novel breads co
Image via: @novelbreads, Instagram

We first found Novel Breads Co. at a farmers market, and we fell in love. Their Sourdough English muffins are uh-mazing, as is everything else we’ve tried. They’re a pickup-only bakery – and everything is baked to order. Which means you’ll have to place your order at least two mornings before you want to pick it up…because most of their breads require at least two days for the natural yeast to to do their work. But trust us, it’s worth planning ahead for them.

Threadbare Cider House & Meadery

pittsburgh sourdough threadbare cider
Image via: @threadbarecider, Instagram

Yes, Threadbare has amazing ciders. But did you know they’re also making sourdough pizzas? Talk about a perfect combination. And, we saw they’re starting their Sunday brunch back up in time for Valentine’s Day this weekend…including sourdough French toast. Run, don’t walk, and maybe save us a seat?

East End Brewing Company

pittsburgh sourdough east end brewing
Image via: @eastendbrewing, Instagram

We were so sad when Larder closed, but totally excited when East End started making naturally leavened thick crust pizzas. And we’re reading ‘naturally leavened’ as sourdough, right? They’re slinging pizzas Wednesday through Sunday for you to take home or enjoy at the brewery. Check social media for their pizza of the week, and you might want to order extra for leftovers…speaking from experience.

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Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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