A few weeks ago, Eat Your Vegetables (a.k.a. EYV), a new restaurant concept from local chef Mike Godlewski, briefly took over the popular restaurant Station in Bloomfield for a series of pop-ups that previewed some of their upcoming menu items, and we got to be among the first to give EYV a try!

We wrote about Eat Your Vegetables earlier this year when the vegetable-forward restaurant concept first came on our radar, and now that they’re getting ever closer to opening up a full-time spot on the North Side, Godlewski and his team are sharing a few tester menu items with the public. From start to finish, this prix-fixe, five-course meal did not disappoint!

First, diners with tickets to one of EYV’s pop-up nights were able to order drinks from Station’s beverage program like those shown above, one of which featured seasonal spiced pumpkin flavors and one of which is a signature drink, “Thyme to Waste.”

To start the meal, guests sampled some deliciously crispy hummus fritters seasoned with za’atar and topped with harissa yogurt and microgreens. Like most EYV dishes, this plate elevated a traditionally veggie-friendly staple, in this case hummus, to a fine dining level.

Next up was a farmer’s salad built with local greens and veggies and dressed with an herbed balsamic vinaigrette. However, this salad is anything but typical – it’s also topped with edible “soil” for extra seasoning and flavor and is built on top of a smear of zesty ranch mousse. Tucked inside is a homemade tater tot!

What Pittsburgh meal would be complete without pierogi? This Yinzer favorite is a Yukon gold potato pierogi served up with a twist on the traditional toppings: onion sour cream, melted leeks, and a crispy sauerkraut chip. Whether you’re a meat eater or not, pretty much everyone in the ‘Burgh loves a good pierogi, and EYV’s take on this Polish classic is a winner!

For the main course, ticketholders could choose between two tantalizing options – shown above is the savory, umami-packed mushroom barley risotto topped with a sous-vide egg and crispy pickled shallots. Alternately, EYV dished out some cabbage pastrami – another legendary plant-based swap! – with housemade “1K” dressing and a rye bread crumble on top.

Lastly, for dessert, EYV served an apple toffee cake with the most amazing celery root ice cream, peanut butter mousse, and golden raisins. You might not think that all those memorable flavors would go together, but the almost savory ice cream was the perfect complement to the sweetness of the cake and raisins, and the peanut butter mousse just took everything to the next level.

From our perspective, the team behind EYV is more than ready for a spot of their own – and you can be part of the team that makes that happen.

In October, EYV launched its Honeycomb Credit campaign to raise funds for its upcoming permanent space. Honeycomb Credit is another local business that functions similarly to crowdfunding services like GoFundMe, but instead of donations or purchases, you’re actually investing in the success of the campaign you fund.

EYV is offering an 11% interest rate on investments starting at $100, which is repaid to investors quarterly. Their success is your success, and the food itself is certainly no gamble. Visit their Honeycomb Credit campaign to learn more about their fundraising, and make sure to follow EYV on Instagram for business updates, incredible food pics, and maybe some hints on future pop-ups and events!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Kaidia Pickels

Kaidia is a native Pittsburgher and a content writer for a local marketing agency. She loves to travel, try new dishes at local restaurants, and drop in to fitness class throughout the city. She's a die-hard Pens fan as well as an amateur baker and mixologist — sometimes combining both in one recipe!

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