At Eat Your Veggies, expect beautiful, vegetable-forward dishes like this one, which includes Belgian endive, merlot-poached pear, blue cheese, candied walnuts, fennel, and spinach.

Ready to dig into something fresh, healthy, and super flavorful this summer? Eat Your Veggies, a.k.a. EYV is a new restaurant coming to Pittsburgh this summer, and we’re already so excited for their opening day!

EYV will be opening on the Northside in Deutschtown, a historic neighborhood that typically hosts tavern-style restaurants popular with locals, as well as some newer ventures featuring contemporary American fare like Fig & Ash and Siempre Algo.

Unlike many Pittsburgh hot spots, EYV will offer a menu that is specifically vegetable-forward. What’s that mean? Well, it’s not strictly vegan or even vegetarian, but it is a joint that prioritizes the produce! Meat and seafood aren’t entirely off-limits, but when they do appear, the purpose is to take the veggies to the next level.

EYV is the brainchild of chef Mike Godlewski, whose former posts include the Duquesne Club and North Shore restaurant The Foundry. He’s clearly comfortable with meat dishes, so EYV sounds like an opportunity for Godlewski to challenge himself creatively — and challenge yinzers to crave vegetables like they never have before!

Not everything at EYV will be 100% vegetarian, but when meat is served, it’s to complement the vegetables, like in this lamb dish with sausage, eggplant, dilly beans, and black garlic jus.

What has the EYV team been up to in the meantime? Well, for starters, they’re documenting the whole process on Instagram, from sharing the architectural plans to selecting their supplies and of course, plenty of sneak peeks of the menu! Typically shared on Sundays, these stunning pics of potential menu features will make your mouth water, whether you’re a veg-head or not.

Looking for a specific sneak peek? Some of the items that stand out among EYV’s Instagram previews are sweet corn cheesecake, rutabaga agnolotti with sage brown butter, radish tarts with smoked avocado, butternut-fennel gratin with apple-brown butter cream, and potato-crusted grouper. With incredible flavors like this, vegetables are certainly the stars of the show!

Of course, what also makes EYV special is its focus on procuring local, farm-grown ingredients as well as using electric induction cooktops rather than gas for a more Earth-friendly kitchen that is still efficient and powerful. Appreciating the vegetables we eat means we also have to appreciate – and protect – where they come from, right?

Make sure you’re following @eyv_restaurant on Instagram to be among the first to find out when they’re opening, and don’t sleep on getting a table!

The team behind Eat Your Veggies recently shared the plan for their upcoming space, which is being designed by Pittsburgh-based architectural firm Moss Architects.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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