You’ve probably heard about 350 Bakery. We actually mentioned them to you a while back when they moved into their current location – even though it was just their kitchen at that point. After a lot of hard work, they have finally opened their storefront bakery! And, guys, it was totally worth the wait.

350 bakery
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But let’s back up a second because they have an awesome story. Owners Janie and Barb have been friends since middle school, and they’ve always known they wanted to start a business together. They started baking about ten years ago for Pipers Pub. Two years after that, they started 350 Bakery, and they’ve been wholesaling for about six years. They moved into their current location in the South Side slopes about two and a half years ago.

They love their location because they both live in the slopes (hello, convenient commute!) but also because there aren’t a lot of businesses there. Janie and Barb are excited to be part of their community in every sense of the word.

They’re also so proud (and grateful) of the community they’ve built in their own kitchen. 350 Bakery is more than just Janie and Barb, with four full-time employees and a great delivery driver who all go with the flow of the chaos that is owning a business.

What about the baked goods?

350 Bakery is using as many local ingredients as they can get in everything they make. They even buy fruit from Triple B Farms and freeze it so they can bake with it throughout the year! We think that’s dedication…and we’d love to see how much freezer space they have 😉

If you couldn’t tell from our photos, everything they make is beautiful and tastes as good as it looks. The sugar roll is their answer to “do you have donuts” (hint: no) and we’re not even sad about it. They will always offer standard items – think muffins, scones, and cookies – in both classic and seasonal flavors. You’ll have to check back frequently because they’ll also offer a few special items that change from week to week depending on what they feel like baking.

If you’re not into sweets (who are you and how do we know each other again??) they have you covered with savory options like pierogi or spinach artichoke hand pies and breakfast biscuits. We had such a hard time deciding what to order and obviously had to get an assortment.

The storefront is only open on weekends for now, but they’re planning on eventually expanding to Thursdays and Fridays based on demand. You can also find their pastries in about 15 locations around the city in case a craving strikes during the week. And you can always place an order to pick up that special cheesecake or birthday cake!

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