The giant pumpkins are back! Yes that’s right. Get ready for the Monster Pumpkins Pop Up exhibit! You’ll be able to check out these world record pumpkins October 30th–November 5th in the North Shore Gold Parking Lot 1-A in front of Heinz Field. It’s free! 

Monster Pumpkins Pop Up Week
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This year they had to adjust to the new guidelines, making the weeklong event a pop up drive-by. Sit back in your vehicle and be amazed at these crazy huge pumpkins! You can even see them when it gets dark at the lit-at-night exhibit.

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about! These pumpkins weigh around 2,500 pounds. How often do you get to see this? You’ll have pumpkins by the world’s most talented carvers. Renowned performers Dean Murray, Danny Kissel, Greg Butauski, and Patrick O’Brien will attempt a rarity in the carving world, putting together small and large pumpkins to make for a continuous image. The awesome display will be 50 feet long and feature the Monongahela Monster! 

All kinds of spray paint graffiti pumpkin fun will be going on. Three of the region’s best graffiti artists–Max ‘Gem’ Gonzales, Shane Pilster, Scott Brozovitch– will spray paint two massive walls of pumpkins! The canvas will be 10-feet high and 50-feet wide and will be actual mini-sized pumpkins!

Monster Pumpkins Pop Up Week
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Go big or gourd home! Make sure to tune in on November 5th for the annual pumpkin drop, where the 1,800 pound giant pumpkin falls 100 feet to the ground in a 3-foot pool of water. Pumpkin-sanity! This year you can’t see it in person but you can Live-stream the event on their Facebook

Here’s the schedule:
October 30th–noon-10pm
October 31st–9am-10pm
November 1st–9am-10pm
November 2nd–9am-6pm
November 3rd–9am-6pm
November 4th–9am-6pm
November 5th–9am-6pm

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