It’s pronounced “sha-war-ma” not “shwar-ma” and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. Pita My Shawarma just celebrated their second anniversary. Not only has their food truck been around for two years, but they just opened a restaurant in Lawrenceville in September. Yes, during the pandemic.

pita my shawarma turns 2
Image via: Pita My Shawarma

Owner Jason Taylor said opening during the pandemic was a challenge -from permit delays to the health department application, to just building out the restaurant. Luckily, he was able to continue running the food truck to keep things moving…and we’re so glad. We love the adventure of tracking down our favorite food trucks, but sometimes it’s also nice to just go to a restaurant.

Jason felt like Lawrenceville was the perfect home-base for Pita My Shawarma. Butler Street is already full of diverse restaurants, so it fits right in. If you’re not familiar, Pita My Shawarma is bringing modern Mediterranean food to Pittsburgh. They use the freshest ingredients, including pitas from Pitaland in Brookline.

Jason launched the Pita My Shawarma food truck in 2018 because he wanted to find joy in his work while also bringing joy to others.

I started my food business venture because I wanted to be happy in the work that I do everyday while also serving people to make them happy. To me happiness is the ultimate goal, and Pita My Shawarma is one of the ways that I express that everyday through serving my customers.

Jason Taylor

He’s found that running the food truck and restaurant are two totally different things. The restaurant allows for a more consistent schedule for lunch and dinner, along with a loyal customer base who can always find him. He can cook more shawarma on larger rotisseries, and has also used the extra space to expand his vegan and vegetarian options.

pita my shawarma
Image via: Pita My Shawarma

If you’re as hungry for shawarma as we are (we’re ordering the chicken shawarma and fries, although we’re super tempted by the falafel wrap!), find Pita My Shawarma at 3716 Butler Street, or track down the food truck. PS – they also cater, and you can order online. You’re welcome 😉

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