It goes without saying, that nearly any holiday anymore simply comes out of thin air and just appears. Christmas comes more quickly, and every CVS in town is always 5 seasons ahead with their merchandise on display.

The same can be said for Mother’s Day; as someone like myself who truly loves giving gifts, this holiday always appears to pop-up again and again. For my mother, who is a true and proud native of Pittsburgh, a gift that is cultivated from within Pittsburgh would have a greater sense of pride for her (sorry, Tiffany & Co.).

For your mother that is proud of her Pittsburgh roots, check out some of these great gifting options that will sure to please.

Studebaker Metals Hook Bracelet, $118.00

Pittsburgh Mother's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Studebaker Metals

When it comes to jewelry, it’s something that women (especially moms) love. Pittsburgh based Studebaker Metals offers a fantastic array of gold, brass and silver metal objects from bracelets to brushes. The Hook Bracelet offers a polished take on something many might not think could be a piece of jewelry.

Steel City “Mother of Jagoffs” T-Shirt, $29.99

Pittsburgh Mother's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Steel City

For the Yinzer mother, this item can’t get any better.  Steel City’s “Mother of Jagoffs” t-shirt is a funny and whimsical gift option for a mother who wants to tell the world of her roots.

Una Biologicals Sweet Almond & Vanilla Sugar Scrub, $20.00

Pittsburgh Mother's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Una Biologicals

If you mother loves to pamper herself, she will surely love it even more with this Una Biologicals organic sugar scrub will leave her feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Wildcard Good Mail Day Club, Sea & Sun Box, $30.00

Pittsburgh Mother's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Wildcard

Why not surprise your mom with many adorable little trinkets and treasures in the mail from Wildcard.  This perfectly curated box will leave your mom with plenty of little cards and trinkets to play with.

Kiya Tomlin Sling Tee, $150.00

Pittsburgh Mother's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Kiya Tomlin

Known for making comfortable luxury goods, Kiya Tomlin’s Sling Tee offers the perfect blend of fashion, glamour, and above all – comfort.

Also looking for somewhere to take mom on Mother’s day? We’ve got you covered!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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