As a native of Pittsburgh, certain neighborhoods bring about a certain connotation. Lawrenceville translates to hipster, Shadyside translates to old money, and Oakland translates to college central.

You’ll hear it from many different people in town, that this neighborhood is filled with college students all looking for a good party.  While that might be true, it is also home to many independently owned restaurants that are causing major interest for those in town.

Fuel and Fuddle
Courtesy of Fuel and Fuddle

One of these spots happen to be Fuel and Fuddle – located in the heart of Oakland, Fuel and Fuddle was founded by business partners Brandon Smith and Greg Ripper, in order to create a relaxed environment that isn’t always so quiet.

As a local food critic once described the vibe of the restaurant as “upscale West Coast bar food”,  it can surely fit that bill with the ease and relaxing nature of the restaurant and the fantastical display of amazing eats.

Fuel and Fuddle
Courtesy of Fuel and Fuddle

Speaking of these amazing bites, what Fuel and Fuddle happen to be known for are great, easy bites (no need for your Jack Dawson questions on which fork is which, for my Titanic fans).  The wild fire brick oven pizzas are a staple, but if you are looking to add some extra sides to your meal, be sure to have their world famous sweet potato fries, or perhaps their so-called “big a** brownie”.

And it goes without saying that the name, Fuel and Fuddle, as interesting as it sounds, simply translates to “Food and Drink” (in case there so happens to be a debate amongst the patrons as to the meaning behind the name of the bar).

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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