The world of opera can oftentimes be a world of intense emotions, from feverish love triangles, to acts of suicide, lust and betrayal, often leading audiences to be speechless and perhaps even shed a tear or two, having the stories portrayed on stage often times reflecting our own lives.

Yet, if murders and acts of vengeance aren’t really for you, then a showing of Don Pasquale might just do the trick for you, and perhaps leaving you laughing hysterically rather than weeping in the corner.

Don Pasquale Pittsburgh Opera
Courtesy of Pittsburgh Opera

The story, which is taking on a modern take at the Pittsburgh Opera, is the story of Don Pasquale attempting to matchmake his nephew, Ernesto, by arranging a marriage of a so-called “proper girl”. However, there is always a twist – Ernesto is seemingly unbothered by his uncles request to marry the woman he is choosing for Ernesto. Instead, Ernesto is in love with a young widow, Norina.

With the help of Dr. Malatesta, they persuade Ernesto to marry Norina, as she will impersonate his innocent sister, allowing the two to be married. However, for Ernesto, this is only the beginning of the antics in which Norina is about to begin.

As for the modern day turn on this classic opera, originally set in the mid-1800s, The Pittsburgh Opera is showcasing this production as set in the 1950s Hollywood, which has yet to ever be performed as such in the city, as directed by Chuck Hudson and conducted by Gary Thor Wedow.

A true delight when it comes to the world of opera, Don Pasquale will leave audiences laughing uncontrollably from start to finish, all amongst a beautiful array of arias and sets so splendid it will truly leave audiences wanting more.

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