Tired of the same old work-out routine? That is if you’ve even been able to keep up with any at all during this crazy year of shut-downs. Our friends over at SHAPE Training have revamped traditional fitness with hands-on training and techniques to help even those at the most beginner level. In 2013 SHAPE began as an in-home training brand in Pittsburgh, PA. SHAPE Training offered in-home training and free park boot camps until late 2014 when they opened their first location. 

SHAPE Training has transformed what could be a stressful experience into something fun. They’ve created a one-of-a-kind team full of coaches and trainers (who really feel more like personal cheerleaders) that will help you create the perfect routine to fit your lifestyle. Every member will have access to the strength and cardio programs written by Pittsburgh’s top training coaches. They have 20+ nationally certified trainers available via small groups and one-on-one coaching if you need that extra motivation. They also offer covid-friendly online training. 

Repeating the same gym routines over and over can get super redundant. It doesn’t keep your mind engaged. At SHAPE, they’ve changed the expectations on what to anticipate when going to the gym. They’ll keep your body moving and changing with a variety of training that keeps the experience fresh! 

Right now, SHAPE is offering a unique package to those who sign up! All prospective members will receive a private training session with a coach (1:1 or in a small group), small group training, a 3D Body-Scan Fitness assessment, and a nutritional consultation. 

Mention Made in PGH when trying out Shape and get a free personal training session and a free group class with no obligation!

Head to their IG DMs (@shapetrain412) to sign up for a FREE Black Friday Bootcamp at 10am at the Schenley Oval! Work off all those turkey-day carbs with this high-intensity (super fun!) SHAPE Training fitness course. 

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Bryer Blumenschein

Digital Strategist, Made in PGH

Bryer is a born-and-raised Pittsburgher who is deeply entrenched in the local food and culture scene. When she's not checking out new galleries and shows, you can find her tasting some of the best dishes the city has to offer or hiking outside! Right now, Bryer lives in the South Side with her fiancé, Oscar, and their two dogs.

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