In Pittsburgh we’re nuts for Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte!

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In 1970 Henry Prantl visited California during an almond surplus harvest. Because of the overwhelming supply, the Almond Board of California asked bakers to figure out more ways to use almonds in their recipes. Mr. Prantl got to work. It took some experimenting, but soon enough he had concocted the famous confectionary now known as the world famous Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte. 

Indulging in a piece or two of a Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte is a Pittsburgh tradition. It is a delectable dessert choice for everyone, provided you don’t have a nut allergy. Perfect as it is, it will never need to experience torte reform

The light and moist cake includes a cooked custard layer and is covered with a generous layer of toasted, sugar-coated almonds on a not-too-sugary creamy buttercream icing. 

It is a Pittsburgh institution which has put Pittsburgh on the national cake map. Here is some of the recognition it has received: 

The burnt almond torte comes in four sizes and while the original cake is a vanilla-flavored yellow cake, it is also available in chocolate: 

  • 8×8 Sheet – Serves 8-10 – $27.99
  • 1/4 Sheet – Serves 20-24 – $44.99
  • 1/2 Sheet – Serves 36-40 – $73.99 
  • Full Sheet – Serves 74-80 – $115.99 

There are three Prantl’s Bakery locations, allowing you ample opportunity to indulge your nutty, sweet self: 

  • Shadyside – 5525 Walnut Street
  • Market Square – 438 Market Street
  • Greensburg – 612 Grove Street

Get to Prantl’s. Go nuts! It’s torte-ally worth it!

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