Pittsburgh is full of so many amazing women-owned businesses, and Sabika Jewelry is no exception. You may have heard of Sabika before, as they have a wide selection of jewelry including rings, chains, pendants, and their ever-popular signature necklaces. But one thing you might not know about this stunning jewelry business is that its headquarters in Pittsburgh is where each collection is thoughtfully designed by their team of fabulous women. Allow us to tell you more about this family-owned jewelry business!

Sabika came to be in 2001 and has quite a unique story leading up to its first product launch. In 2000, two women named Karin and Sabine met. Karin was a lover of fashion trends who worked in the fashion industry for 20 years with Banana Republic, Armani A/X, and other big names. Sabine was the owner of an Austrian-based crystal jewelry design studio. When the two met, Sabine had been looking to expand her collections into the US, and she hoped Karin would be the perfect person for the job. At first reluctant, Karin wasn’t sure if jewelry design and unique crystal pieces were something she would have much interest in, as she was a fan of the classic diamond and pearl look. After talking more with Sabine, Karin had been convinced of the beauty one of Sabine’s pieces could bring to a simple outfit and wanted to go into business. Thus, Sabika was born – SABI from Sabine and KA from Karin.

Since its inception in 2001, Sabika has been designing jewelry perfect to go with any outfit. As Karin always loved classic pieces, one thing that still holds true all these years later is that each piece Sabika designs has to be able to be paired with the core wardrobe staples of khaki, white, denim, and black. CEO and Head Designer, Alexandra Mayr-Gracik told us that this guiding principle allows her to design thoughtful jewelry suitable for everyday wear.

Alexandra took over for her mother, Karin Mayr, as CEO in May 2018 and has brought so much expertise and creativity to Sabika in her years before taking over and in the present. Alexandra has had a passion for jewelry design from a young age. She told us that she began designing back in high school when she took a class on jewelry design. As her mother joined forces with Sabine, it only helped her passion flourish.

As head designer, Alexandra is tasked with designing each piece for timeless and modern collections. One of their most popular collection releases is the Almi (pronounced “all me”) collection. This collection has 2 releases per year and is our personal favorite. The current Almi collection boasts stunning pieces like the Almi Gold Sabika London Modular Necklace and the Almi Gold Leaf Earrings. The Modular Necklace uniquely highlights the clasp as a part of the design so the necklace can twist around and be stylish from any angle. Another highlight of the Almi collection is the cause behind it. For each Almi product purchase, $5 goes to the charity of your choice from Sabika’s select list. Not only are you supporting a women-owned family business, but local and national charities with an Almi purchase.

Other collections include their seasonal collections, their most recent being the Spring 2023 Collection that was released on February 1st. Alexandra Mayr-Gracik said, “Organic shapes and vintage components played major roles in my thought process as I designed our newest Spring collection. Using soft tones to welcome the new season, I hope this collection evokes joy for each of our unique customers who will wear these pieces with pride and pass them across generations like delicate and affordable heirlooms.” This dazzling collection includes some modern pieces like the Desert Rider Beaded Necklace with Removable Charm and some classics like the Enticing Pearl Necklace with Medallion Pendant. Shop this collection now because several items are on the “low list,” and many have already sold out! The Summer 2023 Collection is also right around the corner…

Looking at the detail in each piece of every Sabika collection is truly an experience. Vintage components are used in jewelry making, as well as other unique materials sourced from several European countries. As a family from Austria, the Mayr heritage has always influenced the Sabika design. When designing, Alexandra uses elements from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria in her pieces. While the designs and prototypes are assembled in the Pittsburgh headquarters, and the manufacturing occurs overseas mainly in Austria at Sabine’s family studios. After all of these years, it is still a team effort between the two original ladies and their families.

As you may be able to imagine, designing the products and creating prototypes for each piece takes a team. Luckily, Alexandra has her sister, Miriam, to help run the family business. These ladies are truly a dynamic duo, and two of the most stylish women in Pittsburgh whom we have ever met – seriously the European-inspired style and Sabika accessories are modeled perfectly on them. Speaking of modeling, Sabika always uses local women to model their catalog and website. You may even see Alexandra or Miriam in a couple of shots from time to time. Their goal is to show real women in our community wearing these pieces in their everyday life. Whether they are a respiratory therapist, stay-at-home mom, or something else, Sabika is diverse and works for all lifestyles.

Keep an eye out for the Summer 2023 Collection launching soon, as well as the remainder of the 6 collections throughout the year. The Fall and Winter collections are Alexandra’s personal favorites due to her love of earth tones, but you can’t go wrong with any of their pieces! Sabika Jewelry is made by women, but truly is for everyone.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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