One of our favorite things to do is walk around the Strip District. We love the bustle on weekend mornings. We love how it seems like we can find something new every time we go. And we love how there are so many great local shops we can support…but we only have to pay for parking once 😉 It’s the perfect spot for a date, even if you’ve been there a million times, and it’s great to bring out-of-town guests to get a real taste of Pittsburgh. Here are 10 of our favorite spots!

Strip District Meats

strip district pittsburgh

Going into Strip District Meats is like going to an old-school butcher shop. They have everything you could possibly need for a delicious meal – pork chops and chicken, steak and ribs, even homemade sausage. And, this might be a weird thing to say…but they take the time to arrange it beautifully in the case. What can we say, we eat with our eyes first!

My Sweet Lily

strip district pittsburgh

If you’re getting everything you need for an amazing meal, you definitely need dessert. My Sweet Lily is a boutique bakery that has you covered with traditional pastries, all made in-house. We especially love their cookies (and, shout out, they might have supplied some of our cookie table cookies!). Bonus – you can get a homemade treat for your good boy, too!

Roxanne’s Dried Flowers

strip district pittsburgh

Take a second to pause amidst the bustle of the Strip when you stop in Roxanne’s. They’ve been the go-to shop for exotic plants, dried and preserved flowers, and more for the past twenty years. They even have a garden behind the shop! It’s the perfect shop for a beautiful, custom piece for your home or garden.

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

strip district pittsburgh

If you’re a kid at heart like us, then we’ll meet you in Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Which is basically like if you take every type of candy you’ve ever eaten, double it, and add in some gifts. And we aren’t just talking today’s popular candy, either – they also have vintage candy. We’ll be spending all of our money on Warheads and gummy burgers and chocolate covered gummy bears, thankyouverymuch.

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

strip district pittsburgh

Penn Mac is the place to shop for specialty Italian products. They’re run by the third generation of the Sunseri family, who will bend over backwards to help you. Need some cheese, pasta, sandwich rings, ready-made gifts, or a subscription to a delicious monthly club? Head to Penn Mac. We’re joining the fresh ravioli of the month club…are you in?

Jimmy & Nino Sunseri Company

strip district pittsburgh

You might be scratching your head at Jimmy & Nino Sunseri Company thinking that the Sunseri’s own Penn Mac, and you’re right. But brothers Jimmy and Nino branched out in 1985 to start their own business. They’re famous for their pepperoni rolls (uh-mazing!), their Legendary Dipping Peppers, and knowing everyone who walks through their door. If you’re looking for the store that embodies the tradition of the Strip District, you’ve come to the right place!

Hounds Town USA

strip district pittsburgh

If 8,000 square feet of spacious playrooms, luxury overnight suites and townhomes, and a state of the art day spa sound amazing to you, imagine what your pup will think of it! Hounds Town USA offers fully interactive doggie daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming services. They provide a natural pack environment, so your dog will play in a group of dogs that’s their own size, with similar temperament and play style. It’s the perfect place to let your dog be a dog!

In The Kitchen

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In the Kitchen is a one-stop-shop for housewares and recipes. They have some really fun products – we’re looking at you, Shiraz on the Shelf! They’re also always hosting demos, posting recipes, and super fun content, like a Thanksgiving Side Showdown. You can’t go to the Strip and not stop in!

Steel City Salt Company

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Image via: @steelcitysaltco, Instagram

Avid cook, pizzaiolo, and spice guru John Tarallo started Steel City Salt Company in 2014 to change the way people thought about food and salt. Fast forward to today, and they’re creating some of the coolest spice blends, like Dill Pickle Salt, Espresso Salt, and even a Black & Gold Blend. They value quality and great customer service, and it shows!

Peace, Love & Little Donuts

strip district pittsburgh

We can’t go somewhere without getting a snack to eat while we walk, so naturally we always have to stop at Peace, Love & Little Donuts. They might be all around the country, but they started in the Strip! We love that their small size means we can sample more flavors, and you seriously can’t go wrong no matter what you order. Who wants to share a dozen?

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Lauren Roberts

Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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