When it comes to food reviews and rankings, Zagat is the go-to.

And from time-to-time, in addition to compiling restaurant reviews, they’ll provide some insights about dining destinations and food towns around the country. So, yeah, if your city gets a shout out, it’s kind of a big deal. But, the top spots almost always go to the usual suspects, like New York, or Austin, or San Francisco. Right?

Not this time. When Zagat asked editors from around the country to select the city that had the best year in food, an outsider claimed the top spot. After considering the voting criteria, including “caliber of new openings, award-recognition and national media,” Pittsburgh was selected as the best food town of 2015.

No. 1: Pittsburgh

Cure Pittsburgh Restaurant
Photo: Adam Milliron

In years past, Primanti Bros. was the only food-related anything to gain acclaim outside of Pittsburgh. Still, even the fine folks at Zagat couldn’t resist mentioning this iconic sandwich. But, they go on to point out that, nowadays, it’s “an abundance of more refined food” that really sets the Steel City apart.

The list of restaurants they cite as evidence proves that the number one ranking is well deserved. From the fried chicken sandwich at The Vandal, to a duo of Lawrenceville restaurants from chef Justin Severino (see: Cure and Morcilla), as well as Whitfield inside the Ace Hotel. Yes, that’s the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh. Which, according to Zagat, serves as “the most robust symbol of Pittsburgh’s ascent.”

While rankings are fun and all, the best part about this write-up is the fact we get to eat some damn good food. And we couldn’t be more excited about it. Here’s hoping Zagat was right when they wrote, “this town is poised for even more exciting things in 2016.”

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