Let’s face it: it’s easy to find a good Sunday brunch in Pittsburgh. (If you need inspiration, check here and here.) But what about when you’re looking for breakfast on a weekday? The hotels in the area have some killer breakfasts, but let’s say you want something outside of a hotel. Where do you go? We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorites!

Pamela’s Diner

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Oh Pamela’s. Home of the beloved crepe-style pancake. And with locations around the city, we’re betting there’s one convenient to you no matter where you are. Just remember to bring your cash!

Square Cafe

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Square Cafe also has some amazing pancakes, in addition to a tonnn of other options. We love the Brussels and Grits bowl, or even just their oatmeal with fresh fruit if we’re feeling healthy!

B52 Cafe

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, B52 is a delicious breakfast spot! Don’t forget to get one of their lattes, too. We have a few more recommendations for what to order here.

Cafe Raymond

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Cafe Raymond is making all of their baked goods fresh every day. If that isn’t enough to entice you, they also serve breakfast all day. They’ll even pack you a brown bag for your lunch if you ask (order) nicely.

The Pub Chip Shop

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, The Pub Chip Shop is where you need to be. Their biscuit sandwiches are amazing, and the boxty tots (kind of like homemade tater tots, but way better) are to die for. And, bonus, they also make Just Good Donuts.

Waffles, INCaffeinated

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Waffles INC has locations in the South Side and downtown, so you can easily get your waffle fix. We’re not just talking plain old waffles, although those are delicious. And you can build your own if you want, too!


weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Did you know DiAnoia’s serves breakfast Tuesday through Saturday? We especially love their roasted potatoes, but we think the breakfast pizza sounds perfect for most mornings, don’t you?

Dor-Stop Restaurant

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Dor-Stop has everything you could want for breakfast, and then some. We’re drooling just thinking about going there. And did you know they were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in 2008?

Bitter Ends Garden Luncheonette

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Bitter Ends is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but you’ll want to try their breakfast the rest of the week. Their menu changes all the time, sometimes multiple times a day, so it’s basically just an excuse to go all the time, right?

Pear and Pickle

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Pear and Pickle is also serving breakfast all day, and we’re pretty excited about it. Come on, just look at that sandwich! And hello, blueberry buckle…

Bluebird Kitchen

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Bluebird is the perfect place to grab breakfast if you need a mid-week treat on your way to work…or if you need a mid-morning break from work! Don’t forget to get a pastry to go – we fully support breakfast-dessert.

Coca Cafe

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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We seriously can’t decide what to order at Coca Cafe because we want to get one of everything. Chocolate donut holes? Yes, please. Burrata-spinach-tomato benedict? Heck yes, please. Maybe if we all go as a group we can sample each other’s dishes and try a bunch?

DeLuca’s Diner

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Did you know DeLuca’s has two locations? The one everyone knows is in the Strip, but there’s also one in Robinson. Luckily both locations are serving up the giant portions you know and love!

Allegheny Sandwich Shoppe

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Allegheny Sandwich Shoppe does, obviously, have a breakfast sandwich. But they also have a ton of other breakfast classics, like waffles, pancakes, omelettes, and breakfast combos. With their early morning hours (they open at 6:30 on weekdays) we think this is an easy stop on your way to work.

Corner Mercantile

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You know we love Corner Mercantile, and that applies to their breakfast, too! They’re serving up everything from custom breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos to steel cut oats and pastries. And they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, just like during lunch.

Nadine’s Bar

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Yes, Nadine’s Bar in the South Side makes an awesome breakfast! Don’t believe us? Guy Fieri even said so on DDD. Plus they have a breakfast hoagie, and you can’t ask for anything more Pittsburgh than that!

Kelly O’s Diner

weekday breakfast Pittsburgh
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Kelly O’s is another DDD stop! They’re making breakfast starting at 5am every day but Sunday, so you can pretty much always get a seriously delicious breakfast. And they have all the classic breakfast dishes you could want – and enough of them that you don’t have to repeat an order for weeks!

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  1. I cant believe you left Bobs diner off the list.
    4 locations. Just the best at every day breakfast fare. Omelets are fluffy pillows from heaven.
    Check them out

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