If you’ve never heard of Corner Mercantile, you’re not alone. Even though they’ve been open for almost three years, they’re one of downtown Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets. Which is surprising considering their photogenic interior and extensive menu that features options for many dietary needs.

Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or love meat, Corner Mercantile has you covered. They maintain a few staple items – like their Bloomfielder and chicken bacon ranch sandwiches – but also rotate dishes weekly and monthly based on what’s in season. Chef Jessica and her crew make as much from scratch as they can in their tiny kitchen. And let us tell you, they’re doing a great job!


Corner Mercantile doesn’t just serve lunch and dinner items…they’re pretty popular for their made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, too. We even got an insider tip that you can get $1 off any size drip coffee during breakfast! They also have your back when you hit that mid-afternoon slump and need a snack with their variety of snack packs.

From Breadworks bread to produce, cheese, and specialty items from Penn’s Corner to Turner dairy,


Corner Mercantile sources as many ingredients locally as they can. Their coffee bar serves coffee from Coffee Tree Roasters and baked goods from Mediterra Bakery. Oh, and did we mention they make a few beverages in-house like detox water and various cold brews? They’re even aging some of their cold brew coffee in an old bourbon barrel.


Keep in mind that Corner Mercantile is only open Monday through Friday, and they’re closed on bank holidays since they’re in the PNC building. They like to keep changing up the flavors on their menu, so check their website for the latest dishes!


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