With the focus on sweeties and sweets this week, having a dietary restriction can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be! We already told you about our favorite gluten free sweets spots, and now we’re sharing where to find the best vegan sweets in Pittsburgh. Whether you’re just dairy-free or fully vegan, we think you’ll agree that these treats are totally amazing.

Bluebird Kitchen

best pittsburgh vegan sweets bluebird kitchen
Image via: @bluebirdkitchen, Instagram

Craving a chocolate chip cookie? Head to Bluebird Kitchen! It’s crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle, and it’s one of our favorite chocolate chip cookies in the whole city.

Butterwood Bake Consortium

best pittsburgh vegan sweets butterwood bake consortium
Image via: @thebutterwoodbakeconsortium, Instagram

We probably mention Butterwood in every sweets roundup list we publish, but their desserts are always worth mentioning! They come up with some creative flavor combinations, which keep us coming back for more. And they always have a few vegan options that rotate.

B52 Cafe

best pittsburgh vegan sweets b52 cafe
Image via: @b52_pgh, Instagram

Remember when we went to B52? Their vegan menu is droolworthy, so you know we had to remind you of their sweets! The last time we went they had an assortment of cakes and cookies, and we think they would round out a nice burger Wednesday meal 😉

Onion Maiden

best pittsburgh vegan sweets onion maiden
Image via: @onionmaidenpgh, Instagram

So, we’ve only had Onion Maiden’s donuts, but they’re some of our favorite donuts in the city…vegan or not! And if their donuts are that good, the rest of their sweets must be, too. Come on, just look at that cheesecake!

Kaibur Coffee & Cafe

best pittsburgh vegan sweets kaibur coffee
Image via: @kaiburcoffee, Instagram

And here’s your reminder about Kaibur Coffee and their selection of vegan sweets! (Remember when we visited them?) We’re still daydreaming about their huge selection of vegan treats…like, an entire display case full. We think it’s time to go back…you in?


best pittsburgh vegan sweets gluuteny
Image via: @gluutenybakery, Instagram

Gluuteny is a dream come true for anyone with a dietary restriction. Their baked goods are all gluten-free and dairy-free, and many are vegan. AND they have a selection of soy-free items, too. Bonus – you can find their treats all over the city in various locations in case you can’t make it to Squirrel Hill!

Bella Christie and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique

best pittsburgh vegan sweets bella christiez
Image via: @bellachristiez, Instagram

Ok, so the cupcakes in the picture are probably definitely not vegan. But did you know Bella Christie’s has vegan options? They have a selection available in their storefronts – like oatmeal cream pies and chocolate covered Oreos or marshmallows. But you can also special order cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and more! Just give them a call…and at least 48 hours notice.

NatuRoll Creamery

best pittsburgh vegan sweets naturoll creamery
Image via: @naturollcreamery, Instagram

In the mood for hand rolled, made to order ice cream? We thought so 😉 NatuRoll has tons of options that are vegan, dairy free, and sugar free. They can also accommodate almost any allergy if you ask. And with 3 locations in and around Pittsburgh, we think you’ll stop in again and again.

Sugar Spell Scoops

best pittsburgh vegan sweets sugar spell scoops
Image via: Lauren Roberts

Looking for more traditional ice cream? Head to Sugar Spell Scoops! They sell scoops and pints, and they even make sundaes, ice cream cakes, and more. We loved their peanut butter ice cream with brownie bits (which were gluten free!)…it was creamy and dreamy and totally satisfied our need for ice cream.

Gluten Free Goat

best pittsburgh vegan sweets gluten free goat
Image via: @glutenfreegoat, Instagram

We were sad when Gluten Free Goat closed their storefront, but super happy that they’re still wholesaling! If you’ve been living under a rock, they are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy free, and plant based. And you can find their sweets in tons of spots around the city. We recommend their apple cider donut…sooo good!

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Lauren loves all things Pittsburgh and all things food! When she's not checking out a new restaurant, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working on her photography, or out on a bike ride exploring the city.

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