Chicken and Waffles - Courtesy of Garlic & Zest
Chicken and Waffles – Courtesy of Garlic & Zest

It was truly a divine intervention the first time I had ever experienced Chicken and Waffles.  I was a college student in New York visiting a friend in Brooklyn when she took us to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, which happened to specialize in chicken and waffles.  My WASPy upbringing didn’t understand why these two food choices would even go together; that is, until I had my first bite, and the rest was history.

Since returning to Pittsburgh, I’ve been on the hunt for my favorite (and my I add, go-to) dish that will leave you feeling full and very much satisfied.  At Waffles,InCaffeinated, located in the South Side neighborhood of the city, I discovered a fun new way to enjoy this tasteful treat.  Infused with pecans in and on-top of the waffle, and added with a pinch of scallions, this dish was truly hearty and made me feeling rather – healthy?

It goes hand-in-hand to say that Chicken and Waffles is a truly soul-food dish, and Carmi Soul Food (located in South Side), has to offer some of the hardiest chicken and waffles I have tasted in town.  Sourced with fresh ingredients on a daily basis, there is truly an understanding as to why this spot is heralded as having some of the best soul food in town.

Another personal favorite spot of mine in town to enjoy some chicken and waffles would also have to include Meat & Potatoes.  Not necessarily known for having this dish, which they only serve as a brunch option, this dish might be spicier than the rest, but my-oh-my will leave you wanting more and more, and why not add a mimosa for an extra punch?

Finally, we cannot conclude this essay without The Urban Tap.  Not only known for their delectable chicken and waffles, but their fulfilling menu of meats and other proteins will truly help quench any hunger you might be having.

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  1. If you haven’t tracked down The Coop food truck, you haven’t even come close to eating the best chix and waffles. I hear Walter’s in Lawrenceville is pretty danged solid too.

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