If someone asks you about chocolates in Pittsburgh, we’re betting Sarris Candies is at the top of your list. Whether it’s their chocolate eggs at Easter or the fundraising candy bars in the break room or, our personal favorite, their chocolate covered pretzels…you can’t go wrong. They’re all delicious! And they have something for everyone, which makes Sarris Candies the perfect local place to shop for your loved ones at the holidays.

It all started when Frank Sarris bought his sweetheart, Athena, a box of chocolates…but knew he could make better ones. He started making chocolates for family and friends out of his basement. Word spread and demand grew. Eventually, Frank had to quit his day job to make chocolates full time. Frank passed away in 2010, and his son Bill is now the president of the company.

Everyone who grew up in and around Pittsburgh has experienced Sarris Candies. Remember selling them for fundraising events at the holidays in grade school? And we love picking up a little treat when we do our grocery shopping. But we also love browsing their online store – or stopping by their Canonsburg store! Which leads us to the “gift guide” part of our gift guide…the gifts! Start shopping – and we won’t judge if you get a little something for yourself 😉

Gifts that remind you of home

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for people who still live in Pittsburgh or those who have moved, sometimes you just want something that makes you think of home. Sarris has a few options for you!

#shopsmall gift guide sarris candies gifts that remind you of Pittsburgh
Image via: Sarris Candies

Best gifts under $25

We love giving food gifts, especially for those people that are sometimes hard to buy for. Does your office-mate really need another coffee mug? Probably not. But we guarantee they will love something from Sarris!

#shopsmall gift guide sarris candies gifts under $25
Image via: Sarris Candies
  • Know someone who isn’t big into chocolate? (Yeah, we aren’t sure they exist either, but…) Peanut Brittle mixes sweet and salty without any chocolate.
  • Is it even the holidays if you don’t eat Peppermint Bark? Dark chocolate, white chocolate, crushed peppermint candies – it’s perfect.
  • Ok, so we’re really excited about this one because WE CAN GET AN ENTIRE PAIL FULL OF CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS and it’s basically our perfect gift. This is not a drill, make sure you add an extra Christmas Pretzel Pail to your cart for yourself. Or two.

Stocking stuffers

#shopsmall gift guide sarris candies stocking stuffers
Image via: Sarris Candies

Stocking stuffers can be our favorite items to buy. It’s so much fun to see what we can get that isn’t too expensive and/or is able to actually fit in a stocking. These are also perfect to have a few extras of…in case you unexpectedly need to give someone a gift.

  • Who doesn’t love chocolate covered Oreos? You can choose between holiday sprinkles or peppermint. Or get some of each!
  • Sometimes cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate is the best way to end the day – so stuff those stocking with hot cocoa spoons.
  • Chocolate and caramel is such a classic combination, so don’t forget to add a few Caramel Kringles to your cart. We love their cute holiday designs!
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