The wait is over. 524 Grant Street, a welcoming corner of community goodwill, has opened its doors as the newly developed Millvale Market. Walk into the laid-back ease of this bountiful bodega-style grocery offering daily produce, premier coffee, fresh packaged goods and plenty more. One of the best parts? Not only is Millvale Market the first grocer in its community in decades, the market locally sources as much as possible from the farmers, growers and producers throughout our region. 

Jen Saffron is the owner and operator of Sprezzatura, a thriving Millvale catering kitchen, cafe, and event space, and now co-owns Millvale Market with Derek Dumont, co-owner and retail director of the market.

“Millvale Market commits to strengthening the foodways in our local area by both positioning fresh produce in a community that hasn’t had that in decades as well as connecting consumers to local farmers and producers,” says Saffron. “Developing a local food ecosystem is a big part of our mission.”

With that mission, comes a vast selection of locally-sourced goods from regional favorites such as Clarion Rivers Specialities, The Brinery, Pitaland, Ocho Salsa, Pasture Maid Creamery LLC, Clover Creek Cheese Cellar LLC, Jubilee Hilltop Ranch, Indiana Kitchen, Goodness Grows Farm, Barmy Soda Co., Turners, The Pittsburgh Juice Company, Brunton Dairy, Gosia’s Pierogies, Bedillion Honey Farm, La Prima, Sprezzatura… and the list goes on and continues to grow.

Here are a few shout-outs that you can find conveniently at Millvale Market:


Long-standing Mediterranean bakery, Pitaland, has served Pittsburgh community cravings in Brookline and beyond since 1969. Find more than a few of their fresh goods at Millvale Market. Try the signature Hoummus Chick Pea Dip consisting of chickpeas, garlic, lemon, sesame tahine and other ingredients. The market also sells Tabbouleh, a parsley salad, and Baba Ghannouj, an eggplant dip. Find your perfect dippers with Pitaland’s Pita Chips and Pita Bread.

Jubilee Hilltop Ranch

As a sustainable, community-focused, family farm located in Osterburg, PA, Jubilee Hilltop Ranch focuses on farming and producing grass-finished, USDA-inspected, dry-aged beef, pastured pork and eggs. Find pastured, naturally raised brown eggs by the dozen, ground beef and ground pork in refrigeration. Millvale Market sells their pork chops, too! 

Ocho Salsa

Established in 2018, Ocho Salsa has been spicing up the salsa-making game with over 20 varieties of salsas. This flavor machine also offers dips and unique spices such as guacamole seasoning. At the market, find the Ocho Salsa Original with classic ingredients of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, liquid smoke and more. Or try the Black Bean Dip, Salsa Verde or a bold Chipotle salsa made with chipotle peppers in adobo. 


Last but not least, how can we NOT mention Sprezzatura? Find freshly prepared foods, dinner pans and more conveniently at Millvale Market. Satisfy on the go or head home for an easy dinner night with Italian sandwiches and vegetarian Caprese sandwiches as well as soup favorites like the Italian White Bean, Giambotta, Vegan Red Lentil & Carrot, Lemony Chicken Orzo, Lentil and other rotating seasonal quarts. Other pick-ups include the Artichoke Parmesan Dip, Olive White Bean Dip, White Bean Tuna Salad, Vegan Grapeleaves, meatballs, homemade sauces and salads. Be on the lookout for the ever-changing Sprezzatura nutrient-packed meals. There’s always something up their sleeve when it comes to Italian-heritage-inspired foods.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Colin Parrish

Colin is a Pittsburgh born and raised, daydreamer, restaurant foodie addict whose passions include running, thrifting, camping, and having a healthy amount of coffee or Malbec (depending on the time of day) . As a typical jagoff, you can catch him shopping in the Strip, running in Highland Park, or finding the best hiking views just outside of the city. He is a content manager for YaJagoff Media LLC and currently lives in Etna, PA.

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