September is national honey month, and you know how much we love our food holidays! Any excuse to stock our pantries with local ingredients, right?? And honey is always in our pantry – for baking, mixing in cocktails, or just drizzling on some warm bread. Get ready to stock up with us with these local honeys!

Pittsburgh Honey

Image via: Pittsburgh Honey, Instagram

Pittsburgh Honey is a family owned and operated “honey farm” with more than 200 hives across southwestern PA. In addition to pure honey varietals, you can also find high quality beeswax and comb products, plus a line of natural cosmetics like lotions and lip balms. They ship globally, so you can spread sweetness anywhere in the world.

Bedillion Honey Farm

Image via: Bedillion Honey Farm, Instagram

Bedillion Honey Farm is another family-owned business that started as an experiment in farming. They grew from their first hive to many hives across southwestern PA, West Virginia, and Ohio, plus only the best specialty honeys sourced from trusted beekeepers. They sell a variety of products in addition to honeys, including beeswax and soaps, moisturizers, lip balms, and other bee-related gifts. Interested in keeping your own bees? Bedillion also provides lessons and equipment to get started.

Huckle Bee Farms

Image via: Huckle Bee Farms, Instagram

Looking for something a little different? Huckle Bee Farms is taking raw honey to new levels by infusing it with different fruits and vegetables to add natural, organic flavors to their honey. They’re also infusing their honeys with other flavors, like bourbon, chocolate, espresso, and caramel. And if you’re into hot honey, they have a few options for you! We will definitely be doing some holiday shopping with Huckle Bee Farms for the honey lovers in our lives…

Hannah’s Honey

Image via: Bloomfield Saturday Market, Facebook

Hannah’s Honey is located in Fox Chapel, with apiaries in Fox Chapel, O’Hara Township, Indiana Township, Natrona Heights and West Deer Township. We think it’s so cool that they bottle honey from each apiary separately, so you can taste the differences between the areas. They also have beeswax and a small amount of cut honey comb available.

We know there are so many other local honey providers, like our pals at Paul Family Farms, who are located further outside of Pittsburgh…but you can find their honeys at many local events, stores, and farmers markets. So, we want to hear from you! Where do you get your favorite honey from? Tell us in the comments so we can expand our honey collection.

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