We love ice cream. See here and here if you need a reminder. But, we can’t believe we’re saying this…we feel we’ve neglected milkshakes. So we’re soaking up the last days of summer by drooling over these 14 spots to get the best milkshakes in Pittsburgh!

The Milkshake Factory

pittsburgh best milkshakes the milkshake factory
Image via: @themilkshakefactory, Instagram

Can you even talk about milkshakes without mentioning The Milkshake Factory? And do we even need to say anything else about them? We didn’t think so.

Paige Dairy Mart

pittsburgh best milkshakes paige dairy mart
Image via: @paigedairymart, Instagram

Paige Dairy Mart is another classic choice when you’re looking for anything ice-cream-related around Pittsburgh. Pro tip: get a South Side Shake if you’re feeling extra indulgent!


pittsburgh best milkshakes burgatory
Image via: @burgatorybar, Instagram

Nothing goes better with a milkshake than a burger and fries, which is why we love Burgatory so much. Bonus – they also offer vegan shakes!

Sarris Candies

pittsburgh best milkshakes sarris candies
Image via: @sarriscandies, Instagram

We know how much you love the chocolates from Sarris, but did you know they also make ice cream and milkshakes? You can even get curbside pickup with your milkshake order – just follow the directions on their website.

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

pittsburgh best milkshakes kavon's ice cream
Image via: @klavonsicecream, Instagram

Klavon’s is the home of all of our ice cream dreams. Between the ice cream floats, ice cream sodas, sundaes, and yes, milkshakes, we’re going to need a new workout regimen.

Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company

pittsburgh best milkshakes sinful sweets
Image via: @sinfulsweetspgh, Instagram

You’ll have to stop by the store if you want a milkshake or malt from Sinful Sweets, but it’s worth a visit! They have classic flavors, fun flavors (like coffee toffee, yum), and seasonal flavors. Is it too soon for pumpkin? #askingforafriend

Fudge Farm

pittsburgh best milkshakes fudge farm
Image via: @fudge_farm, Instagram

If you want the most decadent milkshake you can imagine, head to Fudge Farm. We’re talking totally Insta-worthy shakes with a decorated cup, whipped cream, and huge toppings. And if the ones on their menu aren’t what you’re looking for, you can build your own!

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

pittsburgh best milkshakes millie's
Image via: @millies, Instagram

With ice cream as good as Millie’s, you know it makes a great milkshake! The hardest part is deciding which flavor to get…although you can always make the decision easier by taking home a sundae box, too 😉


pittsburgh best milkshakes scoops
Image via: @scoops_in_bellevue, Instagram

Scoops has 5 locations around Pittsburgh, so you can always get your milkshake fix. They have all the classic flavors, plus some nostalgic flavors we loved as kids. Cotton candy milkshake, anyone?

Square Cafe

pittsburgh best milkshakes square cafe
Image via: @squarecafepgh, Instagram

Did you know Square Cafe makes milkshakes?? We, surprisingly, didn’t …and now we need to get there ASAP to try one. As if we needed an excuse!

Frio Creamery

pittsburgh best milkshakes frio creamery
Image via: @frio_creamery, Instagram

Frio has classic milkshakes like chocolate and vanilla. But we’re here for their specialty shakes – fried ice cream, Oreo xtreme, and hello, coffee affair! Is three shakes too many shakes??

Happy Day Dessert Factory

pittsburgh best milkshakes happy day dessert factory
Image via: @happydaydessertfactory, Instagram

We love that we can customize our shakes at Happy Day Dessert Factory with custard or water ice. And, we also love that they have dairy-free options. Everybody wins…and gets a shake!

Treats N Beans

pittsburgh best milkshakes treats n beans
Image via: @tnbpgh, Instagram

A milkshake is the perfect after-class treat, so stop by Treats N Beans. We won’t judge if you also end up getting some of their other treats…especially if you want to share that waffle with us!

Gepetto Cafe

pittsburgh best milkshakes gepetto cafe
Image via: @geppettocafe, Instagram

We love Gepetto Cafe for their crepes and hot chocolate, but, um, their milkshakes sound drool-worthy. Chocolate coffee bean? Tiramisu? S’mores? Nutella? Is it bad form to get one of each??

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