The Cultural District and Pittsburgh Restaurant Week 2020 go hand in hand like Heinz Hall and a symphony. If you find yourself in that part of town you must stop for one of the PRW deals. One we recommend: Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine.  

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Alihan’s has a “Meat Lovers” option and a “Veggie Lovers” option on their PRW menu which is offered both for lunch and dinner. 

When we stopped in for an early lunch we were happy that we skipped breakfast. The portions were as excitingly generous as Manfred Honek’s conducting gesticulations. Though instead of a grand PSO event an awesome instrumental soundtrack of Mediterranean music was playing. 

For our appetizer we picked babaghanoush and tabbouleh which were beyond scrumptious. Every table gets Turkish bread and it was still warm out of the oven. We were told that we could have more bread if we wanted so we quickly ate all of it and asked for more.  

By the time the delicious main course of eggplant parmesan and salad came we were pretty full. But we aren’t complaining as it meant we already figured out what we were going to have for dinner. We were sure to save a little room because we also had a choice of dessert for which we naturally chose their amazing homemade tiramisu. 

If you don’t catch them in time for PRW don’t worry. They have lunch specials for $11 which were also enticing. In fact we overheard a few people who came in for the PRW deals and opted instead for the regular specials. 

The next time you’re looking to get out of the office for lunch definitely head to Alihan’s. Not only is the food delicious but the prices are more than fair. And the next night you’re heading out in the Cultural District stop first for a filling meal at Alihan’s or get there to cap your night with one of their fine desserts. 

Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine, a BYOB restaurant, is located at 124 6th St, opens at 11:00am every day and is open until 10:00p Sunday-Thursday and until 11:00pm Friday and Saturday.

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