It’s no secret that Pittsburgh is home to some incredible eats, but we love it when the city gets some recognition for its finger-licking cuisine.

USA Today’s Megan Pacella highlights the best of the Burgh’s unparalleled grub in her recent article “Made in Pennsylvania: Flavors only found in Pittsburgh.” Pacella writes, “Rooted in hard work and a culture of doing it yourself, the Pittsburgh Way has been instituted in the restaurants, handmade food items, breweries, coffee shops and farmers markets in Pittsburgh.” Damn straight.


While some of Pacella’s 26 food picks focused on quite a few predictable spots like Primanti’s and the O, she also hit on many unexpected joints like vegan-centric Eden in Shadyside, and alternatively Parma Sausage Products for all you meat lovers out there.

Take a gander at the complete list at USA Today and see if you’re in agreement with the rest of Pacella’s picks. After all, if anyone knows about the PGH food scene it’s the folks who live in the Steel City 365 days a year.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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