Oh the joys and tribulations of being an adult, as the summer days of heat waves turn into the fall days of crisp, breezy weather – we couldn’t help but rely on that good old faithful friend of ours to help us get up in the morning; coffee.

As someone who started drinking coffee at the ripe age of 3 (thank you, grandma) I have a very special relationship with this adult juice.  Long story short, I constantly crave it and have to be within walking distance of a coffee shop (or a Nespresso machine).

Lucky for us, the city of Pittsburgh has a slew of new and exciting places to grab that morning cup of Joe.  Check out some of our picks for the best (and new) places to grab a cup of coffee.

Commonplace Coffee

Point Breeze

Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Commonplace Coffee

If you are familiar with the sister location in Squirrel Hill, the Point Breeze location will surely not disappoint.  Each location embodies the neighborhoods in which they reside, along with introducing customers to special coffee blends (Colombia and Tanzania, to name a few).

Astroid Cafe

South Side

Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Astroid

Located in the historic South Side neighborhood, Astroid Cafe brings a blend of food and drink that will entice any visitor.  With beans from Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn to Sam Cobbett, your senses will be amazed.

Redhawk Coffee


Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Redhawk Coffee

Shopping and coffee – what could possibly be better?  The latest edition to the Redhawk family has its location at the PG&H store located in downtown on Smithfield Street.  Why not try one of their amazing pour overs while you shop home goods?

The Black Cat Market


Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Black Cat Market

Now if you are someone like me, I really do love to hang around an animal (and by that, I mean house pet).  At The Black Car Market, enjoy your morning cup of joe with a friend or two (or five) of the cutest little felines around.

Adda Coffee & Tea House


Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Adda Coffee

For those that love a cold brew coffee, Adda has some of the smoothest coffee in the city (especially served cold) that patrons simply cannot get enough of.  And not to mention their ever-changing food rotation keeps everyone on their toes.

The Shiny Bean Coffee & Tea


Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: The Shiny Bean

As a part of the resurgence in Lower Valley, The Shiny Bean Coffee & Tea is the latest storefront to open in Etna this past year.  With a variety of specialty drinks on tap, along with many different combinations of espresso to choose from (I already have the jitters), there is surely something for those on all ends of the spectrum when it comes to coffee.

Black Forge Coffee House

McKees Rocks

Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Blackforge Coffee

This is definitely not your mother’s coffee shop – aside from serving an assortment of coffee and baked goods, Black Forge hosts many punk and metal band groups monthly within their shop, so have your espresso handy to jam out.

Ka-Fair Coffee & Cakery


Ka-Fair Coffee and Cakery
Photo Credit: Emily Munk

Not a major coffee fan?  Have no fear, Ka-Fair houses a multitude of teas and non-coffee beverages surely to satisfy anyone.  And don’t forget to try some of their homemade goodies as well.

The Bureau

East Liberty

Coffee Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: The Bureau

Looking for a bit of a higher end coffee shop destination?  Try The Bureau in East Liberty, which offers a minimalist menu regarding food and drink, yet is houses in a sophisticated setting to unwind and attempt some light work.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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