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Looking for an inspiring one hour workout session? The SHAPE Training Empower Hour Boxing Bootcamp is your answer. Trust us, you’ve never had a power hour like this before! The special one time only event is free and celebrates Women’s history month. Step in the ring and acknowledge the important women in your life for this energetic session of boxing bliss.

The Empower hour packs a one two punch for a couple reasons : 1. You’re trying something new, which can be inspiring and motivational. At some point you have to switch up the same old workout, right?! You need something fresh, and this is a perfect way to break the normal routine. 2. You’re being trained by actual professionals. This is a main event team–your coaches are former or current boxers, which will give you an hour long cardio vascular jab.

Shape Training was founded in 2013 and began as an in home training brand. In 2014 they opened their first 3,000 sq studio location, which expanded to three new locations, garnering full memberships, personal coaching, small group training, and 12,000 sqft facilities.

The event is important for celebrating Women’s history month. SHAPE training organizers want the empower hour to recognize “all of the hard-working women who strengthen our community and empower them through a high-intensity, uplifting boxing workout experience.”

Once you complete the workout you might as well check out the Ace hotel bar and restaurant–Whitfield, which features farm driven food from local ranches. And there’s a Sunday brunch too!

And if you love the power of the punch, you can sign up for more classes at SHAPE, which involve conditioning, power boxing, drills and skills, and more. This event is sure to be a hit!

Event Details

What: SHAPE Training Empower Hour Boxing Bootcamp

When: March 10th, 2019, Registration begins at 10:00 AM, bootcamp runs from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Where: Ace Hotel

Tickets: Free! Pre-register here


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