If you love animals this is your event! Make sure to head down to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo, which happens November 15-17 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. There will be over 230 vendors, with so many entertaining events and competitions to watch! And yes, you can enter your pet in the contests as well!

Cat Show 

Pittsburgh Pet Expo
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Facebook

Watch some cat athleticism with over 45 breeds! These include Maine Coon, Bengal, Siamese, Cornish Rex, Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau, and more. Also don’t forget to check out the pet me booth! It’s going to be purrfect. 

Stunt Dogs

Pittsburgh Pet Expo
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pet Expo

Who doesn’t love dogs performing amazing tricks? The show features Beasley, star of the upcoming movie Agent Toby Barks, with award-winning studio animal trainer Chrissy Joy. It’s an entertaining skit, and you’ll also learn some behind the scenes trick secrets. 

Updog Challenge

Pittsburgh Pet Expo
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Facebook

Do you and your dog have the best frisbee skills? You’ve practiced all summer and now it’s time to show off your frisbee talent. Register here! There will be a tournament with brackets and eliminations each round. Or you can just watch and enjoy, either way it’s going to be awesome! 

Diving Dogs

Pittsburgh Pet Expo
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Facebook

Get pumped for some big air from the North American Diving Dogs. You can sign up your dog here. And here’s another thing, you’ll probably get splashed! 

Grooming Competition 

Pittsburgh Pet Expo
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Facebook

The competition will transform dogs who are then available for adoption. They are rescued dogs who need homes!

Dachshund Races

Cheer for your favorite as they race down the finish line. Agility races take place each day on the hour. A large group race happens once each day, with the largest one on Saturday. The race supports Dachshund charities

Aside from the fun competitions, there’s so many other cool things to watch: chicken races, crab races, rabbit hopping, exotic bird show, santa paws, and the pet costume contest. And make sure to check out the photo booth too!

During the entire weekend you’ll have a chance for adoption opportunities–give your pet a sibling!

Get your tickets here!

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