Get ready because the Northshore will have some massive pumpkins on display, which will be used for a number of cool things such as expert carving, paddle races in the river, and oh yeah, they will be dropped off of giant cranes. Yes, this is happening. Check out the top things not to miss at the festival!

Bella Christie brings their desserts, and Nitrogen Station

Bella Christie Nitrogen

Known for their delicious desserts, Bella Christie will have specially prepared cookies, cupcakes, candies and a huge cotton candy ball for the festival. You can also try “Dragons Breath” at their liquid nitrogen station. For those interested, it freezes the sugar, which enables you to exhale a chilled breath of smoke into the air. Umm yeah, we have to try this!

Paddle that Pumpkin!


Lookout Gateway Clipper because these aren’t your normal sized pumpkins. People will actually be sitting inside the pumpkins, allowing them to paddle down the Allegheny River. Who knew that this was a thing?! You’ve never seen a race like this before.

Pittsburgh Faces


The best pumpkin carvers from all over the country will be displaying their art. And the fun part about it–the carvings will be of famous Pittsburgh personalities, which will include Mister Rogers, Andy Warhol and many more familiar faces. Will there be a Made in PGH pumpkin?!

Pumpkin Paradise

Pie eating

Pumpkin season is in full force, and this pie eating contest will take it to the next level. Each day will feature a pumpkin pie eating competition, as competitors dive head first into delicious pies made by Bella Christie. This might get messy but it’s all in the spirit of pumpkin season!

The Big Pumpkin Drop


Ever wonder what it’s like to watch a monster 2,000 pound pumpkin drop from a 100 foot crane? We did too! You can watch these massive pumpkins crash to the ground throughout the weekend, because it’s oddly satisfying in a way. And yes it should be as awesome as it sounds!

When: October 20 10am-6pm | October 21 noon-6pm

Where: Great Lawn at North Shore Riverfront Park, Riverwalk and Allegheny River

Cost: Free!


This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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