Whether you dream of someday taking home the grand prize on Jeopardy! or just want to flex your oddly specific knowledge about 90s sitcoms, trivia nights are a fun night out for just about anyone. Here in Pittsburgh, tons of bars and restaurants host weekly trivia nights MC’d by engaging hosts from some of our favorite trivia organizations, so we’re highlighting a few of the best along with where you can find trivia near you any night of the week!

Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia

Buzz Worthy Pub Trivia hosts epic trivia nights all across the Pittsburgh region (and even in Ohio and northern PA), and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you can find one of their trivia sessions most nights of the week – in fact, there’s at least one every night but Saturday. Their games consist of five rounds of seven questions, which last approximately one and a half to two hours, and you can play as high or low stakes as you’d like. Becoming a regular is a common occurrence, but anyone is welcome to pop in and play whenever! Follow their social media to see where games are taking place and if any uniquely themed trivia nights are coming up soon.

Radical Trivia

Billed as “the greatest trivia show in the entire universe,” Radical Trivia is both an interactive game and a performance – and it’s typically an R-rated one, just FYI! You can find a Radical Trivia night Monday through Friday as well as an online version on Tuesday nights that you can play from anywhere. Their social media is the best place to keep up to date on where you can drop in and play, and also to see the amazing and hilarious artwork that teams generate!

Trivia Jockeys

Since 2014, Trivia Jockeys has offered fully customizable quiz and trivia shows at bars and restaurants throughout Pittsburgh (as well as private events and parties), and they do something unique that not a lot of other trivia nights offer. Using a free mobile app, you play along on your phone – and speed is a factor, which each question only offering 20 to 30 seconds to answer (no cheating allowed!). Scores are shown on a live screen, and these fast-paced games often attract a lot of curious players. Visit their website to find an event near you, hosted Monday through Thursday.

Pittsburgh Bar Trivia

For the serious trivia heads, you’ve got to check out a trivia night hosted by Pittsburgh Bar Trivia! Not only are they one of the most established trivia companies in the area, but they also host league play with cash prizes – and first place takes home $1,000! If you’ve got a real knack for trivia and want to take it to the next level, check out one of their weekly trivia nights, hosted Tuesday through Thursday throughout the ‘Burgh.

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Kaidia Pickels

Kaidia is a native Pittsburgher and a content writer for a local marketing agency. She loves to travel, try new dishes at local restaurants, and drop in to fitness class throughout the city. She's a die-hard Pens fan as well as an amateur baker and mixologist — sometimes combining both in one recipe!

  1. Where’s Trivia night with Aaron DeLeo? Kinda surprised that you left that one out.
    None of these others have a twitch following. His trivia is super tough, but super rewarding. Huge fan.

    1. Hello,

      Like most articles here at MIP, these articles are not usually updated with new/additional content after publication. However, you’re welcome to continue commenting additional trivia hosts in the area if you like as a reference.


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