Let’s take a second and reminisce on when we all were children of a certain age – preferably between the ages of 4-7, where we thought that anything simple and somewhat peculiar (large boxes come to mind for myself), that sent our childlike minds into a whirlwind of imagination.

TapeScape Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Courtesy of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Back by popular demand at The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, TapeScape 3.0 is taking shape the allow the little ones in our life a time for true imagination and exploration through a maze of tunnels and structures designed through and through with you guessed it  – packaging tape.

TapeScape 3.0, which is an indoor climbing, sliding, rolling landscape engineered with more than 50+ miles of packaging tape, covering a two-story frame that was built for the exhibition by Eric Lennartson.

One of the main changes for this years exhibition is rather having it within the museum, guests will be able to take part in TapeScape in a garage, where more room has been allotted for children to climb on a multi-level structure of climbing terrain.

And lets not forget about the smaller children in our lives; this year, the museum is introducing TotScape, a free, yet smaller free standing section for smaller children to roam and play as they wish (however, the museum recommends coming on weekday afternoons and weekends to avoid large crowds).

By utilizing a material that one wouldn’t usually think of when it comes to recreational activities, children and parents will surely love TapeScape 3.0.

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