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Image Courtesy of Style412

Growing up in Pittsburgh, it only felt as though those who worked in the so-called “Fashion Industry” were those working for the majors stores in the city, such as Larrimor’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and so on…

In the last five years, the city’s fashion scene has exploded into one filled with youth, creativity, and an undeniable energy that the city has not seen in some time.  Gone are the days of the steel mills and infrastructure, and in with the young and passionate ideas of the cities next great designers.

Leading the pack in terms of homing in ideas and connecting those in the city within the fashion industry, Style412 is offering fashion industry professional within the city of Pittsburgh an outlet for those “to connect, build and develop a platform of resources for fashion industry professionals”.

Style412 Design Critique - Courtesy of Style412
Image Courtesy of Style412

The network, which has a counsel of industry professional from around the city, collect an interior network based on services and expertise’s from the different facets of the fashion industry.

The Counsel, which is open to host discussion panels, group meetings, as well as partaking in Carnegie Mellon Universities Lunar Gala 2018 Design Critique, Style412 is helping to shape the design and creative minds of the future of Pittsburgh’s very own Fashion Industry.

By doing so, the members of this group are able to reestablish an industry that has not really been associated with the City of Steel.

If you are interested in joining, please submit your information on

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