There are certain places where one can get lost in – maybe that place is a museum, such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, or it could even be a walk along the Three Rivers on a Summer’s day.  For some, it could even be a trip to see a show, to escape reality for an hour or two.

For others, there is Wildcard.  This beauty of a store, located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the shopping and restaurant section of Lawrenceville, offers a true escape for the hopeless romantics and Pittsburgh proud alike.

The store, which opened in October 2009 by native Rebecca Morris, has attacked a huge cult following in the city.  And no – this isn’t your typical gift shop.  Simply imagine your favorite place to buy gifts – now multiply that by 1,000.  Wildcard has the perfect blend of a little something for everyone.

It’s true one of the best one-stop-shops in Pittsburgh.  Guests are greeted by an array of rather “wild” cards upon entry, all independently made and produced in Pittsburgh.  Gifts are assorted all throughout the store, from handmade jewelry, coffee table books, notebooks and agendas, to perfectly on-point native Pittsburgher t-shirts.

And let’s not forget the gorgeous wall of wrapping paper.  Why not make your gifts for those in your life this year a little extra special with beaming decorative paper to add a smile or two.  What is even better – the wrapping paper is so pretty, it could even be repurposed as a framed picture for your walls.

If you have an afternoon to kill, head to Wildcard at 4209 Butler Street (located in Lawrenceville).  And be prepared to be amazed – as you will surely lose yourself in the little beauties all throughout the store.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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