New York, Toronto, Cannes – these names ring synonymously as some of the most famous film festivals held around the world.  With name of the top award-winning films debuting at such festivals, they drive millions of dollars in tourism as many people flock to each location in the hopes of seeing the next great movie, or perhaps rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Yet, when it comes to these famous international film festivals being held around the world, Pittsburgh is typically not one to be at the top of the lists.  A city known for its culture and its performances from the arts, film festivals typically aren’t what one thinks about when visiting town.

Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival
Courtesy of Row House Cinema

That is, until now. The Japanese Film Festival, which is being held at Lawrenceville’s own Row House Cinema from March 29th through April 11th, will bring together a two week long celebration of distinctive and enticing films straight out of Japan.

The festival, which is being held in Pittsburgh for the fourth year in a row, has thus become a hub for emerging talent from halfway around the world.  Below, you will find the upcoming titles set to be featured during the festival:

Friday, March 29thLost in Ramen

Saturday, March 30thOkko’s Inn

Saturday, March 30thShoplifters

Saturday, March 30thModest Heroes

Saturday, March 30thNever-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki

Saturday, March 30thBattle Royale

Monday, April 1stMirai

Tuesday, April 2ndLady Snowblood

Wednesday, April 3rdOne Cut of the Dead

Wednesday, April 3rdTokyo Story

Friday, April 5thJapan’s Craziest TV Gameshows

Sunday, April 7thDay of the Western Sunrise

Thursday, April 11thThe Night is Short, Walk on Girl (2 Showings)

For the 2019 Japanese Film Festival, many new and exciting genres will be on showcase, from new anime, informative documentaries, samurai films, and even a low-budget zombie film which has thus become a hit with audiences.

For those looking for a something new and exciting to watch on their day off of work, head to Lawrenceville to see some of the finest in Japanese culture.  And who knows – you just might be seeing the next award-winning film.

Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival
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