At one point in time, it was incredibly – dare I say, chic – to have new clothes that you went shopping for.  Maybe a treat to yourself every few months, or perhaps every week, for some, yet the thrill was still there when it came time to ring yourself up at the register and take your new clothes home with you.

In recent years, mainly due to the expensive cost of living many of us millennials have been enduring, that weekly trip to go get a new expensive outfit might just be long gone.  Instead, we are on the hunt for deals, deals and more deals. And when we find them, we strike lucky.

And luckily for the city of Pittsburgh, there are countless second-hand and consignment shops at our beck-and-call that offer a little something for everyone, whether its a trendy mass-market piece to a high-end staple.

Below, we’ve selected some of the best places to go second-hand shopping in the Steel City:

Phoenix Boutique

Courtesy of NEXTPittsburgh
Courtesy of NEXTPittsburgh

When it comes to finding that perfectly little designer item, it usually comes with a rather hefty price tag.  At Phoenix Boutique, located in Lawrenceville, you don’t have to break your budget to get the newest Louis Vuitton bag, or even those Manolo’s you have been eyeing since Sex and the City ended their run.  A truly hidden gem in one of the cities trendiest neighborhoods, you will surely look runway ready after visiting Phoenix.  

Avalon Exchange

Courtesy of Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

From my own experience, I began to really enjoy the thrill of the thrift when I was in college.  Upon my return to the city, I thought “where in the hell am I going to find a really good deal?”.  Look no further than Avalon Exchange, offering (in my opinion), some of the best kept style secrets in town, and some pretty nostalgic items that will have you wishing you were back in 1999.

Clothes Minded

Clothes Minded - Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Look
Clothes Minded – Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Look

Looking for a quick way to buy, sell or trade?  Look no further than Clothes Minded. Located in Bloomfield, this shop offers a fantastical finding in vintage clothing, and offers a pretty sweet trade/store credit deal that will surely have you coming back for more clothes time-after-time.


Pittsburgh Thrift Shop
Courtesy of

Now who doesn’t want to shop till they nearly drop, and feel good about doing it as well?  Thriftique is your solution, offering a wide range of clothing (many of which are designer).  However, it’s the charitable work that makes the difference, as their store is a nonprofit enterprise of the National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section

Style Exchange Boutique

Style Exchange Boutique - Courtesy of Style Exchange Boutique
Style Exchange Boutique – Courtesy of Style Exchange Boutique

Looking for those designer duds for the whole family?  Style Exchange Boutique, which is located off of Rt. 51, offers some of the most covetable brands in the area, all at resale value.  From womens, to mens, to even plus sizes (up to a 24) are all offered within this boutique.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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