For a Pittsburgher, few things are more frightening than the possibility that the Steelers won’t make the playoffs – again! As terrifying as that might be, this list of the area’s super-scary spots definitely takes the cake. From haunted farms to possessed prisons, these places will make you wee your pants – which is far worse, and way more embarrassing than a losing season.

Terror Town – Strip District

terror town haunted house

How convenient, Terror Town is right over in the Strip. So after you do your grocery shopping and have a bite to eat, you can have the living bejesus scared out of you. It’s the area’s largest indoor haunted attraction, made up of some 30,000 square feet of spine tingling terrors. Sure some of the scariness has been schemed up. But the owners and outsiders have both reported paranormal activity originating from the basement warehouse that houses Terror Town. We’ll let you check it out and report back.

Scarehouse – Etna

This place has been referred to as one of “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.” Haunts like the Summoning and the zombie black out are spooky. Then there’s Creepo’s holiday horror, a 3-D Christmas and clow themed nightmare. But those attractions are kid stuff when compared with the Basement.

Just how frightening is the Basement? Well you have to sign a waiver that says: “I have been advised and acknowledge that I will have a HOOD PLACED OVER MY HEAD and experience ELECTRICITY, graphic scenes of simulated extreme horror, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, adult sexual content, exposure to water, physical contact, and crawling. Yeah, good luck with all of that!

Fright Farm – Smithfield

fright farm pittsburgh haunted

As if one haunted attraction wasn’t enough to make you faint, this place is five scare spots rolled into one. In order, here’s how Fright Farm intends to terrify you – a Dead End Hayride is a nice little warm up to the fun that awaits once you arrive at the Hallow Grounds. The graveyard leads to the Frightmare Mansion, where sh*t gets real. After three floors of hell, you’ll enter the 10,000 square foot Terror Maze followed by PARANOIA, where you’ll be blindfolded (WTF!) and follow a rope to find your way out.

Hundred Acres – Bethel Park

One of the most extreme haunted attraction in the world, Hundred Acres offers more than one mile of terrifying zombies, creatures, and monsters from your worst nightmares. There are six, count’em SIX, different freaky features. A century old elevator only goes down. You can wander room-to-room through the mansion, explore the underground fallout shelter and stop by the human butcher shop. Oh and who can forget about the self-guided haunted maze that’s so disorienting you’re likely to slip into a state of utter panic.

Dungeon of Horrors – West Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary haunted

Okay, West Virginia isn’t exactly Pittsburgh. But it’s close enough and totally worth the trip. Because unlike other places on this list that are designed to be haunted this penitentiary actually IS haunted. From 1876 until 1995, the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville housed prisoners, was witness to riots and carried out the execution of nearly 100 prisoners through either hanging or electrocution. Some say the souls of some inmates have stuck around. You can find out for yourself as part of a guided tour. The more adventurous types might be into the “investigations” where you’re free to roam the prison by your lonesome. Or you can book an overnight investigation wherein you’re free to explore the prison from 12 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning. No thanks, we’re good! But we hope you make it out alive.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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