Like any hometown, growing up in Pittsburgh has its pros and cons. Of course some people (read, us) would argue that there is much more good than bad on that list. And in case you need a little reminder of just how good you had it, take a look see at these 14 items and try to tell us it wasn’t a blast growing up in the Burgh.

Selling Sarris Candy

This chocolate is so good it practically sold itself.

Watching Zambelli Fireworks

Zambelli Fireworks Pittsburgh
The Fourth of July is awesome, but it’s always better in Pittsburgh. Especially high atop Mt. Washington.

Field trips to the Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center Pittsburgh
All­ you ­can ­eat astronaut ice cream and the Omnimax.

Listening to B94

This station went bye­bye­bye, just the like the Backstreet Boys and every other boy band from back then.

The Civic Arena

Disney Icecapades, anyone?

Watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

mr rogers
And thinking Mr. Rogers actually lived in your neighborhood.

Waiting all year for Kennywood Day

Three words: ride all day.

More field trips

The Pittsburgh Zoo, the Aviary and the Carnegie Museums made the school year more bearable.

Craving Smiley Cookies

Eat n Park PIttsburgh Cookie
And when you learned that no one outside of Pittsburgh knew what Eat’n Park, or a Smiley Cookie, is.

Singing along to this car commercial

“Lebanon Church Road, Pittsburgh. Minutes from the mall.”

Riding the Incline

How can something be so terrifying and amazing at the same time?

Freezing at Light Up Night

Watching the Steel City light up; skyline, tree and all!

Taking the Gateway Clipper

The Good Ship Lollipop Cruise and Pirate Adventure.

Thinking jagoff was a curse word


Then realizing, much later, that it was just Pittsburghese.

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