Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet?

Yeah, we thought you might be procrastinating. Which is why we went ahead and put in some leg work for you. But instead of leaning on the same old overdone costumes, we thought we’d offer up a few Pittsburgh inspired options. So here goes, check out these 10 Burgh-themed costume ideas that we hope you steal this Halloween.

Mr. Rogers

This one might take the cake. Because, after all, who doesn’t love Mr. Rogers? We certainly do. And we’ll tell you who else, that guy^^. He totally nailed the wardrobe and X the owl. Come on, you know, X. He lives in an old oak tree in the Neighborhood. Anyway, you could take this one step further by finding a friend to play Mr. McFeely, the Speedy Delivery Man. Please, someone do that!

Rick Sebak

via Carnegie Museum of Art

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes. Spike your hair and bust out your best lip sweater. Those are the first two steps required of anyone who hopes to morph into the one and only Mr. Pittsburgh, Rick Sebak. Then, if you’re taking your costume seriously (of course you are!), you’ll have to commence a rigorous film study that spans the history of Pittsburgh, PBS and Sebak’s career from Kennywood Memories to A Few Great Pie Places. Good luck!

Pittsburgh Dad

Also known as, the Yinzer this costume is easy to thrown together. All you’ll need is a pair of dad jeans, orthopedic New Balances, and a t-shirt with any Pittsburgh sports team on it. Nail this costume by practicing your Pittsburghese and carrying around a can case of I.C. Light.

Heinz Ketchup Bottle

You can order your costume online or make your own (don’t forget the iconic “57”). Either way the Heinz ketchup bottle is burgh-verified halloween costume. No doubt about it.

Terrible Towel

Let’s be honest, the photo speaks for itself. Few things are as synonyms with Pittsburgh as the Terrible Towel. So much so that people take photos with this thing on vacation, their honeymoon, all over the world and even in space. Steelers Nation knows no limits.



It’s like the construction worker costume, only cooler and with some historical significance in the Burgh. Work boots and a hardhat are a must. You could opt for some Carharts and a canvas workshirt, but overalls would undoubtedly put this costume over the top.

Andy Warhol

Pretending to be this pop-art icon will be a hit anywhere, not just in Pittsburgh. The look could take a couple different forms. The all black outfit, white wig and sunglasses, clutching a can of tomato soup and a camera. Or for the perfect couples costume, one person rocks the Andy Warhol look while the other dawns a Campbell’s soup can. Perfection!

Andrew Carnegie

Here’s your chance to suit up and ball out like a titan of industry. Three piece suit, awesome top hat and a wicked beard combine to complete the Carnegie look. Feel free to bring some fake money and make it rain (that’s philanthropy, folks) in true Andrew Carnegie fashion.


If you’re flying solo, go ahead and do the solo doughy dumpling costume. Don’t worry, it will be great. But beware, there’s a chance you’ll be one-upped by a team of pierogies from the Great Pierogi Race N’at fame. Grab your friend and pick a few favorite pierogie or secure six participants to round out the entire pierogie racing squad, including Oliver Onion, Cheese Chester, Potato Pete, Sauerkraut Saul, Jalapeño Hannah, and Bacon Burt.

Any Pittsburgh Sports Figure (ever)


It’s true, Pittsburgh really does love Pittsburgh. And we especially love our sports teams. As a result, you could pick any Pittsburgh sports themed costume ever and be massive Halloween hit. But if we had to pick just one sports-related icon it would be the Chief, Art Rooney. He brought us the Steelers for goodness sake! Pay homage this Halloween by piecing together your costume with a white wig, thick rimmed glasses and a stogie hanging out the side of your mouth.

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