Unless you have been living under a rock for well, since the 2016 Presidential Election, you may have known a seismic shift in those in representation within local and federal governments.  In congress alone in early 2019, 117 women were elected into the 116th class of congressmen, AKA the largest in history.

Summer Lee
Courtesy of Summer Lee

Within the jurisdiction of the city of Pittsburgh, there are women that are determined to shake up the old-school mentality of politics, and one of those trailblazers happen to be Summer Lee, a Democrat serving District 34 here in Allegheny County. 

As a force for change in the community, for Summer Lee the ideals of social justice have remained as a prominent force behind her campaign.  With regards to her agenda as a representative for Pennsylvania, Lee is undertaking three crucial sections of government; ranging from youth, judiciary and local government. 

Summer has been a dedicated organizer, activist, and advocate for social justice since graduating from Howard University in 2015.  During her tenure with the 2016 presidential election, she participated as a Field Organizer in her home district for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, as well as advocating for fair compensation for workers to earn $15 per hour.

In addition, Summer has been bringing attention to the Woodland Hills School District.  During the 2017 primary elections, she pioneered a successful write-in campaign to bring immediate change to the Woodland Hills School Board after the board’s failure to address repeated instances of violence against students from police officers and school administrators. 

She currently serves as a member on the Woodland Hills Commission on Youth Development and Learning, where she has pioneered for increased cultural competency training for staff, the elimination of an armed police presence, and a commitment from the district to decrease the disproportionate punishment of minority children, as well as those with disabilities.

And this is only the beginning for Summer Lee – where she is certain to make her mark on the political field here within Pittsburgh by not only serving justice for what she believes in, but also for those whom she holds accountable for making these efforts of change.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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