Now’s the time to relax, catch your breath, and take it easy. With Relaxation Day taking place on August 15, you can feel good about taking some time for yourself to unwind. Whether you’re looking for a massage, facial, hair cut, or just a relaxing experience, these 9 local businesses are open to help you rejuvenate this month. 

Strength & Balance Mobile Massage Therapy

relaxation day Strength and balance mobile massage
Image via: Strength & Balance Mobile Massage Therapy

At a time when delivery has never been more helpful, Mobile Massage Therapy Service travels to you, when and where you need it. The owner, Ivory Gilmore, offers a range of services to benefit the mind, body and soul. Enjoy Relaxation Day from the comfort of your own home! 

Specialties include Swedish relaxation and deep-tissue massage, prenatal massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, and foot scrubs. 

Rekindled Spirits

relaxation day rekindled spirits
Image via: Rekindled Spirits

Rekindled Spirits in Aspinwall believes in wellness through therapeutic massage, and they’ve been around since 2004. Massage therapy can help revitalize energy, tone muscles, and eliminate toxins through increased blood flow. Their techniques help work out knots and unwind muscle tissue layers. 

Swedish massage and Reiki can help calm nerves and alleviate anxiety. And for expecting mothers, Rekindled Spirits offers massage for backaches and swollen legs from pregnancy. 

Tranquility Wellspa and Melt Sauna Studio

relaxation day tranquility wellspa
Image via: Tranquility Wellspa and Melt Sauna Studio

Tranquility Wellspa and Melt Sauna Studio in Wexford is the combination of tranquil and luxurious relaxation. With an expert and passionate staff, any and all of your relaxation needs are met. Whether you’re looking for a high-end facial from a professionally trained esthetician or a massage, you can find services that are therapeutic and relaxing. 

With beautiful rooms and a calming atmosphere, Tranquility Wellspa also has an infrared sauna studio located within their space for a rejuvenating experience.  

Oakmont Candle Works 

relaxation day oakmont candle works
Image via: Oakmont Candle Works

Located on Allegheny Avenue, Oakmont Candle Works is a family-owned, cozy shop where you can browse for candles, melts, and reed diffusers. Their candles are made of 100% all-natural soy wax that is never tested on animals and doesn’t include animal byproducts. Oakmont Candle Works uses high-quality components like cotton wicks, 100% recyclable jars, and fragrance oils that are paraffin and phthalate-free. 

This is a great spot to book a party as well — their “pour bar” allows you to design your very own candle and scent creation. 

Tonic Salon 

relaxation day tonic salon
Image via: Tonic Salon

What better way to celebrate Relaxation Day by heading up to Tonic Salon and treating yourself to a pure comfort and luxurious do! Haircare and self-care go hand in hand. Tonic Salon is passionate about hair and staying up to date on the latest cut and color styles. From natural colors to pastel hues, their technicians can mix up almost anything. You’ll leave the salon with vibrant hair and the tools to maintain it between visits.

The stylists at Tonic Salon bring together over 20 years of salon knowledge to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience so you can walk out of the salon looking your best! 

Cloud 9 Massage & Facials

relaxation day cloud 9 massage and facials
Image via: Cloud 9 Massage & Facials

Cloud 9 Massage, Facials & More is a boutique spa for men and women with locations in Oakmont and Natrona Heights, PA. Recognized as the 2020 Best of the Burgh Winner for Massage Studio by Pittsburgh Magazine,  Cloud 9 offers customized massages that come with free aromatherapy, hot towels, hot stones, deep tissue, and cupping. The massage sessions range from 30 to 120 minutes. 

Beyond just massages, this spa also offers facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, full-body waxing for men and women, heat-infused spray tanning, manicures, pedicures, and lash services. 

WAY Wellness 

Photo credit; Way Wellness

WAY Wellness is dedicated to supporting their clients’ health during these challenging times. Using ancient medicine in a modern world through acupuncture, massage therapy, herbs, and personalized meditations, the center works to reinforce your health, boost your immunity, and strengthen your lungs while relaxing and balancing your body-mind connection.  

Create a personalized way of wellness with experienced practitioners to help you focus on happiness, health, and harmony. 

TrueRest Float

relaxation day truerest float
Image via: TrueRest Float

Floating, also known as flotation therapy or reduced environmental stimulation therapy, is the act of relaxing with all external stimuli removed. You drift into an introspective, meditative state that can provide rejuvenating properties for the mind and body. 

At TrueRest Float, each pod is filled with about 10-inches of water into which over 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts have been dissolved. The salt increases the density of the water, creating an environment where you can float with no effort — and without getting pruney! The water is skin temperature, obscuring the normal sensation of having limbs in space. The pods are designed to hold a steady water temperature during the float session. Your ears will be submerged just below the waterline, leaving only two senses – smell and taste – untouched. 

Benefits of floating may include pain relief from mental well-being, anxiety relief, arthritis and chronic pain, controlling the sleep/wake cycle, boosting energy, and even improving blood pressure and heart rate. 

Glam Earth Natural & Organic Beauty Spa

relaxation day glam earth natural and organic beauty spa
Image via: Glam Earth Natural & Organic Beauty Spa

Glam Earth has gathered some of the best beauty products and coupled them with expert beauty advice to offer a unique and green experience. Marianne Skiba, the owner of Glam Earth, is a two-time Emmy-winning television and film makeup artist with credits in several blockbusters. Glam Earth creates a personalized, holistic plan for you, educating you on best practices and ways to feel your best. This spa is a leading source for natural and organic skincare, makeup, and beauty accessories.

In addition to organic, natural beauty treatments including European facials and sugar waxing, Glam Earth features the Well Beauty Makeover™ and the Custom Bend Salt, Mineral & Herb Bar.

18|8 Fine Men’s Salon

relaxation day 18|8 fine men's salon
Image via: 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon

18|8 Fine Men’s Salon provides hair and grooming services for men in a haven where they can relax in an upscale and contemporary environment focused on the unique needs of men. Their stylists are specialists trained and experienced in the art of men’s haircuts and styling, straight-razor shaves, and grooming services, including coloring, face and scalp treatments, hair removal and nail grooming.

18|8 is reinventing the barbershop, with a full range of services including haircuts, facial treatments, grey blending and hair coloring, scalp treatments to combat hair loss, and straight shaves. During your appointment, the barbers and hairstylists will also provide recommendations on how to maintain your new look. 

To keep guests protected during this time, 18|8 is following all industry and state guidelines, as well as requiring appointments and not offering shaves or beard trims because of mask requirements. 

Looking for more ways to relax? Here are 8 ways to treat yourself for a day that’s a little brighter.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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