Turkey, stuffing, and pies OH MY! All this and more is to be expected from now until the end of the year because whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is officially here. With all this delicious food and the many adult beverages we are about to consume, it’s never a bad idea or too early to start thinking about the ways you plan to snap back into reality after this season commences. We chatted with a few coaches from SHAPE Training on what SHAPE Training is, what to expect when training what it takes to maintain a working out regimen in your daily routine. So if you’re looking for a different way to hit your goal weight rather than just hitting the gym, SHAPE Training is here to make your life a lot better. 

What is the difference between working out and training? 

Coach Derek R – “Training is to achieve specific goals with a meticulous approach where as working out is more about moving without a real end game goal.”

How is Shape Training different from other gyms in Pittsburgh? 

Coach DJ Stover “SHAPE Training is different from other gyms in Pittsburgh because it combines the best parts of training and community. Some gyms do a good job of creating a strong community between its members but lack in the programming and training. While other gyms do a good job of training but can’t bring people together for a purpose. SHAPE Training is able to motivate you, hold you accountable, support you all while doing it together and having some fun along the way. Intensity and consistency win over time and that makes SHAPE Training different.”

Coach Derek R – “It’s a completely different atmosphere. With trainers that coach instead of just act as instructors, you won’t find anything else like SHAPE around here.”

Coach Marty Heben – “At SHAPE, we focus heavily on scientific programming.  The objective is to continuously move our clients through periodization that prevents plateaus and injuries, and help them reach their goals.”

How many times a week do you suggest taking part in a training class?

Coach DJ Stover – “It depends on your lifestyle, your goals and how fast you want to get there.” 

Coach Marty Heben – “Four times a week. Two strength and two conditioning/boxing.”

What is your favorite pre and post meal when training? 

Coach Derek R – “Pre workout, eggs with potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Post workout meat and vegetables of some sort.”

Coach Marty Heben – “Pre workout, four whole eggs, two egg whites and a piece of fruit. Post workout I like a protein shake and white rice.”

Pro tip: “Drink at least 24 oz of water within 10 minutes of getting up in the AM” 

Coach Danae – “Carbs pre workout and protein post workout”

What is your favorite work out plan offered at Shape Training?

Coach Marty Heben – “A combination of personal training and classes. (2 and 2 per week)”

Coach Danae – “Our scientific programs.”

What is the best part of being a coach at Shape Training?

Coach Danae – “The best part is knowing you have a team that is supportive and very informative.” 

Coach Derek R – “I get to do what I love. Help people achieve their goals while I grow as a person and a coach. I get to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as me which helps drive me to stay motivated and creative.”

Can you explain what to expect when working out at Shape Training?

Coach DJ Stover – “You can expect well thought out programming and training, attention to detail, intensity, consistency, and not to mention a high five after achieving things you didn’t think or know you could have done.”

Coach Danae – “You should expect a lot of positive energy, encouragement, to be pushed through challenges and honesty from our team.” 

What’s your biggest tip on adding a workout routine in your daily life?

Coach Derek R – “It literally makes every day better, humans aren’t meant to be sedentary, a regular workout routine should be a normal part of daily life”

Coach Danae – “Having an understanding about why health and wellness is essential for the human body.”

What is your biggest tip on keeping up with a workout routine and maintaining it in your daily life?

Coach Derek R – “My biggest tip to maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be to force yourself to be present in the gym for a month. From then on, nutrition and good habits start to fall in place. You start feeling better and thinking more clearly, leading to results and staying motivated to not fall back into the bad habits you once had.”

Is Shape Training for everyone?

Coach Danae – “If you’re ready to be challenged mentally and physically then yes Shape Training is for everyone.”

Coach Marty Heben – “We do take training very seriously, but have fun at the same time. We require a lot from our coaches and clients. We take pride that we not only make people physically stronger but mentally stronger as well. Some people though just aren’t ready to get mentally tough.”

Coach Derek R – “Yes, that is the point of shape, we have something for everyone and everything is individualized to help you achieve whatever it is you want to”

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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